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what would u name youre pet rat...? mommy just got me a pet rat and i dont know what 2 name him got any ideas????

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    Cats - Puff, Angel, Panther dogs - Tiiko, Puff Bunnies - loopy, Stew, Mudtrot Guinea Pigs - Adonia, Adonis Rats - Minerva, Takara, Socorro Hamsters - Serenity, Spook +9 little ones chicken - Pearl Bearded Dragon - Akira Leopard Gecko - Izzy Tarantuala - Unnamed And 12 betta fish, a pile of tropicals and one goldfish and a few newts :P

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    Suzie Creamcheese

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    How about Ben. The rat in the movie that help a sick boy from the bullies.

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    I've been keeping rats for years, Scabbers is always a good name ;)

    Did you know that rats should not be kept on their own? they're colony animals and should always be kept at least in pairs. You need to ask your Mum to get you another one!

    For more info check out

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    How about Jeremy? or maybe Luther?

    Hope you find something, maybe you could search for pet names on line.

    Good luck!

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    Templeton of course

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