Bible - Moses was saved because it was an infant male killing in Egypt. Why the baby boys only?

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    The Egyptians were worried about the Hebrews becoming their enemies in the future. Killing the boys means less fighting men and there are still many women to do work.

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    The Bible says there arose a new King over Egypt who knew not Joseph. If you have any knowledge of the Bible you would know that at one point in time Joseph, the son of Jacob, who was the son of Isaac, who was the son of Abraham, was King over Egypt. This new king didnot know Joseph so it had been several years after Joseph died. (foot note:Did you know that Joseph was the first man mentioned in the Bible that was buried in a coffin? Genesis 50:26) This new King was afraid that the children of Israel (Jacob's name was changed by the Lord to Israel, so all the sons and daughters of Jacob were the children of Israel or the Israelites) would become mightier than the Egypians so the King set out taskmasters to make the Israelites suffer. But, the Israelites continued to grow in strength and number so the King told the Hebrew midwives to kill every male born child. The midwives feared God so they did not do this and the Lord watched over them. The Bible also says that the Hebrew women were not like the Egypian women, they were stronger and sometimes delivered their own baby before the midwives could come. So the King (or Pharoah) set forth a decree that all female children should live and all male children were to be cast into the sea. Moses' mother hid her child for three months but could hide him no more. She put him in a bulrush (or weaved) basket and put the basket into the river knowing that God would take care of her child.

    The male children of Egypt were killed because the King feared the rise of the Hebrew people against Egypt. The male children (age 2 and under) of Bethlehem and all the cities which border it were killed when Herod found out that a child was born that would be King. An angel appeared unto Joseph and told him in order for him to save the child's life (Jesus) he must take Mary and the child and flee to ..... guess where ..... Egypt.

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    Because they were multiplying so fast.

    Moses at Exo.7:7 [ age 80 ] was 215 years after they were placed in Rameses Egypt, Gen.47:9,11; the were half a million to Exodus Egypt for the Promised Land Exo.40.41 and Gal.3:16-18; to get the law 430 years after Abraham who was 427 years after the flood, now they are 857 years after.

    Abraham 427 and Jacob 215 after is age 130, at 642 years after flood, when they came into Egypt.

    Source(s): Bible.
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    I think you are referring to two different events. Moses was, biblical found floating in a reed boat by one of the Pharoes' daughters. He was raised in the Egyptian kings palace and later became the spokesman, as it were for the Israelites that wanted to leave Egypt. The death of the first born sons of Egypt is known as Passover. The angel of death passed over the homes of Jews that had placed lambs blood on their doorposts. In a patriarchial society, the death of an heir, as in first born son is seen as somewhat more devastating than the death of any other family member. This event occurred when Moses was a grown man and precipitated the escape of the Israelites from Egypt.

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    Your concept is scrued. The word 'christians' got here approximately through 'christ' Jesus and his crusafiction After Jesus died. The Jews had to discover Jesus in the previous turning out to be Christians yet What it looks like ur announcing is that some Jews First grew to grow to be x-Jews then Christians befor they even got here upon a Messih. in case you knew something approximately Christianity you would be attentive to this to be immposible. As on your question, they did not wrap the Moses tale aroud Jesus the two storys are purely alike interior the way that the rulers deffended their possitions as kings. by using killing the thret. this is All it replaced into, ur not likely to tutor the Bible incorrect off of that or something of that manor.

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    It was actually the first born children in Egypt. I believe it was because boys grow to be men who are the leaders of a family. Also in the story anyone who put blood on the doorposts of their homes was spared their firstborn sons. This is an early picture of salvation that God would later provide all of mankind through His firstborn Son, Jesus Christ.

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    In the Bible Pharoah says he's worried the Hebrews would join with Egypt's enemies if they were invaded. I guess he didn't worry about women soldiers.

    The Rabbis in the midrash rabbah noticed the same thing you did and report when Pharoah made his law, G-d laughed and said, "You idiot. If you would kill all the men and miss just one, from him can spring offspring in equal number to the women. If you killed all the women and missed just one, the nation would still be doomed."

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    Because by killing off the male jews they could prevent the blood lines continuing and so cut of the blood line to christ, at least that was the devils plan.

    The pharoah thought he was doing something else.

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    Men were really duuuuuumb back then. They thought life sprung only from thier loins, and woman didn't have nothing to do with it. Therefore, if they wanted to stamp out a race, they would start slaughtering the males.

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    To assimilate the Hebrew society by intermarriage. Eliminating the male population, guaranteed this, they would either marry an Egyptian or have the entire race die out.

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