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Are you more attached to your own state rather than to America ?

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    My state is in America! So I guess that makes me equally attached--I LOVE AMERICA--ALL OF IT!!!!

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    I have an equal attachment to the state that I was born in, as well as the state that I live in now. And finally I do love the good old USA. After all I am a Navy veteran!

  • saehli
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    Is that the country ruled by some clown in the White House?

    Is that the country where McDonalds came to success?

    Is that the country where the English language is perverted?

    Is that the country where culture is hardly ever spelled correctly?

    Is that the country with the highest rate of death sentences and executions (apart from China!)?

    If your question concerns this America: I’m glad to live in Europe!!!

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    I'm more attached to my tribal group than I am America

    Source(s): Cherokee gal
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    Yes, definitely. (and saehli- yeah that's the one!)

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