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well, I have been a relationship before, but it ended recently , because it was a really complicated one where I have to operate so much change in me ... I met my gf online by chance, we become mate, ..but now that I am single and experienced, I am still shy on approaching a woman I like directly and tell her that I like her ...and I get tired of going out in public places and look at whatever the woman who goes by me, I feel weird ... I prefere situation, where I can approach a woman gradually ..for example, someone who is used to see me at different times, and whom I used to say hi , or at an event, a party where we started a conversation, and then suddenly turn on interest about love ...But, I am definitely not the type of guy who is going out and approach every single woman I saw in the street , I am afraid of being rejected ... What do you think I could do ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You won't know if you would be rejected else you try....its kinda a learning process so if you feel you want to approach someone just do it and you never know what could happen.

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