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Information on Mumbai?

- I am running the Mumbai marathon that starts from Azad Maidan. I am told that Azad Maidan is near Mumbai VT. Can somone suggest some good hotels (1/2/3 stars) near VT.

- I shall be flying in to Mumbai. Is it advisable to stay near the airport or near the place where race starts i.e VT.

- Or should I stay in any Central location in Mumbai. If so, any hotel suggestion (1/2/3 star)

- What is the distance between VT and domestic airport.

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    It is better to stay near the start venue that is Azad Maidan because you may have some time to relax after getting up in the morning. Normally the Mumbai Marathon starts in the early hours around 7. Travelling from Airport or near hotels to Azad Maidan is tedious and may affect your perfomance in the race.

    The distance between the domestic airport to the Azad Maidan (near Chatrapathi Sivaji Terminus formerlly called Victoria Terminus) is about 45 to 50 Kms by road which about 2 hrs to travel by road in the normal day.

    Better option is take a train from a local station near Airport called Villa Parle which is 2 Kms from the Aport and within 45 Min you may reach VT by train. You may take a First Class ticket in early morning hours which free of rush and cost about 100 Rs. By taxi it may cost you around Rs. 500 and to slow

    Hotel details you may get from frequent- web site

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    The distance between Airport and CST (VT) is 50 KMS

    It is advisable to stay near the place where the Mumbai Marathon starts

    Check with the Event Organisers for details regarding the hotel accomodation provisions that have been prearranged for athletes one month before the RaceDay

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    Mumbai VT to airport is quite a distance. The road traffic is also heavy. You may require minimum 2 Hrs. to reach. Around VT ther are many hotels, of all categories. But, it is best to stay near the airport, where you can get get good star hotels. There is an hotel, jusy outside the Airport, previously it was managed by Air India. It is good.

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    YMCA Colabar Area. Less than $15.00 a day all meals included, internet service and approx. 10-15 minutes by taxi to VT.

    They do have a webpage but they may not answer email but you can call and probably make reservation. It is clean. Excellent price for all they offer.

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