Currency Trading?

I currently trade on the stock market but I am interested in currency trading. I would like to know if it is similar to trading stock in which you trade using an online broker and if so what brokers are the best to use with the lowest commission fees?

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    Currency trading is similar to stock trading and all technical and fundamental analysis is approcimately the same. You just have to know that curreny pairs always go up and down.

    Usually forex brokers don't charge comission fees. They gain from spread. You should find brokerage company with smallest spread.

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    In my opinion currency market is more difficult to trade than stock market. If you refer to FX market you must remember that this is non-regulated environment.

    Obviously it`s impossible to describe major factors of currency trading in this post. The best you can do as beginner is to find broker allowing you to play with little money (mini contracts - like and many others). This way you get sense of what you can expect without paying too much for your lesson.

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    The trading theories are the same as stocks but the market is manipulated by central banks and governmental policies. Ergo correct fundamental analysis can prove meaningless.

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