Does this sound right?

Once you are involved in a secure, you know you that each other are staying. You trust the other person, you respect the other person and you live together. Does the spark usually disappear once you are in this comfortable stage together?

Honestly, cause I find myself very comfortable and at ease with my bf...thanks so much :)

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    Congrats on the relationship...Sounds like you have found your mate...But sadly, yes..the spark can sometimes disappear unless you work on it staying alive...Do spontanious candlelight sexual experiences...or just things you both find fun...Good luck

  • 1 decade ago

    yes, the spark disappears but may pop back up at surprising times. the comfortable stage is the long lasting enduring stage.

    you can revive those sparks by doing new things with your love. meeting him by surprise wearing something that is not traditionally you. going someplace new together. keep growing together and discovering new things about each other. this will keep the love lights burning.

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    the spark gets a little dimmer when you settle into a routine together and you have to work to keep it burning....but you just changes from the spark that spits fire to a nice warm comfortable glow....good luck

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    You know you should really get an avatar because the default is a guy, and its kind of weird to be talking about bf's when your avatar vaguely suggests you are a guy.

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