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Titan asked in SportsCricket · 1 decade ago

India's pathetic performance?

Who thinks that :

1) India's batting in this match was amateurish and mediocre ?

2) the umpiring was of a very low standard (3 wrong LBW's when bowling, 2 catches while batting) ?

3) the indians became complacent after their previous victory ?

4) the 174-run margin truly reflects india's performance ?

5) Sehwag needs to be given the Zaheer-Ganguly treatment ?

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    Though some wrong umpiring decisions has to some extent contributed to the result of the match, the batting of Shewag, Dravid, Sachin in 2nd innings, Jaffar and Ganguly was below par, which cost the match to India. Further, in both the innings the tail of South Africa did most of the damage and our Bowlers could not get rid of them. In the second match except Sreesanth no other bowlers fared to their potential. All these factors did damage to India. I think it is high time Sehwag is told to plahy domestic cricket and regain his form instead of continuing with him as enough opportunities have been given to him to regain his form.

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    1. Batting? what batting? India is capable of more than that.

    2. Yeah when all else fails who do we blame? What seperates the good from the great is the ability to stand up after a poor decision and fight. Not to sit down and sulk. Have you EVER seen the Aussie team complaining about the umpires?

    3.Maybe but consider this: South Africa played real bad in the first test and they came out with purpose in the 2nd.

    4. Compare the way SA played in the 1st test to the 2nd. Admittingly India did not play well but the fact that SA played very well just made themlook worse than it actually is.

    5. Well...Uhm... Ganguly didnt really perform in this test match.

    Personally I think SA lostthe 1st match more than India won it and they won the 2nd more than India lost it.

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    1.) Theve got the most talented batting lineup in the world and they produce such a patheic batting against S.A. (agree)

    2.) Agree umpiring was just as worse as the Indians batting

    3.) They wouldnt have become complacent they just probs thought they could easily deal with S.A

    4.) definatley yes

    5.) HELL YES

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I totally agree with every point you made. And the Indian fans out there think they can win the World Cup, Ha, Ha

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I agree with you on the things that you have mentioned but the real problem is the team's failure to play the South African blowing because of their bouncy pitches. If they play in india right now you will see different results.

  • 1 decade ago

    i think there are more important things in life than cricket.

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