Black and white -- graphics going mad?

Right, I have a great PC. It's running XP, I have one of the latest graphics cards and it's got widescreen monitor, TFT, I think it's 19"...

Anyway, I bought black and white the other day, the first one, brand new copy. Installed and ran it on my PC -- it works, but the graphics go insane to the point where it's not playable. There are flickering multi-colored triangles coming off of everything. I tried adjusting resolution etc to match between game and normal, and various other settings but nothing changes. Ran it downstairs on a much older PC but through a widescreen plasma TV and it worked. That PC was also running XP but has a much older graphics set up.

Can anyone guess what's wrong or how I can fix it? I really wanna play! :'(

(BTW, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines runs fine)

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    Try updating the graphics card driver to the most recent version. Do this also with Direct X. Most of the time, it comes down to your graphics card not having the most up to date driver installed for it. If that doesn't work, I would contact the company that makes Black and White and see if they have heard of any problems like the one your having.

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