if you found out that slavery was being practiced in sweatshops in the U.S, what would you do?

Supposing that statement was true and it was occuring in the United States with submissive women and children, in NewYork, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and some other states where the underground is in full swing with illegal aliens and American Criminals, earning little or no money? Let's suppose they are being paid minimum wage or less; given just enough to pay rent, utilities etc..and their owners have keys to their residences. What would you do? Could you be next? They did such a show on "Shark" with James Woods and some Lawyers, that were threatened by the garment industry.

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    Get together with your local news and bust in there with cameras and demand an explination

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    It has always been so here in the good 'ol USA. Look at farm workers. My dad worked on one. Top pay $100 a month. He got free housing but no running water, no inside bathroom, and he got a half day off a year, July 4th...after the cows were looked after. He and mom survived on social security. My mom retired from a factory that made shirts and pants in the garment industry. She was less than minimum wage because she got around .75 cents an hour plus she would make minimum wage IF she made productivity, but no one ever did because the machines were slowed down, and the production was upped anytime anyone made it.

    It is a sad fact of life here in our country where corporations and manufacturers are allowed to do this under the guise of freedom.

    Another thing while I am on my soapbox....Large corporations get rid of their older experienced workers in favor of a workforce that starts at minimum wage with no benefits for the first year, then when they start getting benefits, and pay raises, it is made so hard on them they either quit, or get fired, even though they are doing the work. The plant managers, store managers, or whomever is in charge at the business location, gets huge bonuses for controlling costs and "saving" money by firing top pay employees and hiring new ones. The bonuses average from $50,000-$100,000 per QUARTER, depending on the net of the business and the savings in salary.


    Source(s): Experience talking I forgot to add, dad worked until he got alzheimers disease at 77, and when he died, mom had to move from the free rent house, because the land baron(he was a multi billionair) wanted to move someone else into it to work dad's job.
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    One group you mention are American criminals. If they are criminals then they are working underground to stay out of jail.The other group you mentioned are women & children. You also mentioned they were ILLEGAL. That means they took the job for the sleaze bags of the garment business so they also could hid from the law.Both groups you mentioned are CRIMINALS & should be in jail or deported. The owners of these companies should also be fined & go to jail. The garment industry has always had a criminal background. You bust up 1 operation &another pops up to take its place. Americans buy their product because of the price. If the union shops would make a product the comman person could afford these sweat shops would be out of bussiness as is the shoe factory I worked at for 12 years , with a family to support at $90 a week take home pay. But I bettered my self because I was not some one hiding from the law.I also saw some of the responses mention Wa-Mart as a "sweat company". Wal-Mart , K-mart, Target only sell what their shoppers want & that is a decent product at a decent price. I notice most products do not have "made in america" because that is not what americans want , They do not care where it was made only the price.

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    Well, I wasn't aware that it was practiced IN America, but it is certainly practiced by American corporations such as Wal-Mart. Just google a bit about their factories and "living facilities" in China and Japan. Personally I think it is disgusting, and as for what to do about it. Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot other than organizing locally to ban the companies that do so and write your state representatives and congressmen and HOPE that they take you seriously.

    Another option is to lobby. Now that is a VERY expensive process that is done mostly by the very organizations that practice such slavery through millions of dollars in cash, gifts, stocks, and perks directly to the representatives pockets to get loopholes and laws passed to allow them to do this. So if you can organize enough people to give more to the representatives than the companies, you will then actually stand a chance of grabbing their ears and making a change.

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    I would not doubt that it is happening in the US. This part of the illegal immigration problem. We need to fine any and all employers who hire illegals. jail the bosses that are in charge of these operations. The fines should be 1 million dollars for each illegal hired. Dry up the jobs for illegals and people will stop coming here to work. Wages will increase to hire legal employees, and so will prices. So what , I would rather pay more knowing I am safer.

    If I had proof of a employer doing this, I would call I.C.E., all the local media, and ask for protection from retribution.

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    Most of these Oreintal all you can eat places are operated like that. I suppose most people don't care because it is to their benifit. Here in New Jersey they have caught a few of them. One of the workers has to come forward but it is hard because most of them are illegal. I am not saying all these places do this but how else could they keep there prices so low. I can't eat in those places. It makes me choke on the misery of other people.

    For anyone inteesed Ralph Lauren has a fenced in sweat shop or two in the Pacific where Phillipinos and Chinese are locked in.

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    What are you talking about? it is happening now in the usa!

    Ever try to manage a family, keep food on the table, clothes on the kids, have a car that runs some of the time, car insurance, doctor bills by working 40 hours at K-mart or Walmart??

    Source(s): life
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    I'd bow my head in sorrow, as there isn't a damn thing any of us little guy's can do against Capitolists that commit these crimes upon humanity and the earth. If you knew the earth was being polluted and destroyed by big business and the oil industries, what would you do? Watch more T.V. and see how screwed we really are.

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    You know, TV is fiction. They dramatize things and jazz up stories to make them worth watching. Now i have no doubt that substandard conditions may exist in some places, I do seriously doubt that such extreme examples such as 'Shark' portrayed exist. All states have labor standards that are rigorously enforced. If you tried to do such things, it would only be a matter of time before you were caught. Sweat shops may exist, but not very many extreme examples.

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    Whats the difference. We buy products from 3rd world countries where children are bought from parents and orphaneges and forced to work in sweatshops and are paid nothing. We deny it, but its true. Those toys you bought for your kid for Christmas? Probably made by some other kid in a sweatshop in Indonesia who is getting paid little if anything at all.

  • What do you mean..."suppose"? I read your newspapers. People get found dead that are supposedly (allegedly) brought over from all over the world to work in these sweat shops. Evil happens because good people do nothing, and in this instance it seems to be working. At least Nike went offshore; and so did a lot of other businesses before God's police got onto them!

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