According to my ClearBlue Fertility monitor I am in "high fertility" status?

Today is CD 12... I have PCOS & irregular periods. I am taking both clomid & metformin to help combat this. My last cycle was 38 days long and that was prior to me using the fertility monitor...

I have been pegged at "high fertility" since CD 8 and I'm wondering if that's abnormal? When should I actually hit my peak fertility (ovulate)?

I've used online fertility predictors who have given me dates that range into the middle part of January as far as ovulation goes... Will I have elevated levels that trigger a high fertilty symbol until then? Also, my husband is going away on business soon and I worry that we're going to miss our window of opportunity :(

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    Unfortunatly, I dont think you can rely too much on ovulation predictor kits and monitors. Like someone else said, Clomid will effects the results. ALso, women with PCOS usually have messed up LH levels. Ovulation predictor kits detect the LH surge right before ovulation. Since our levels are all out of whack...the test will give you innacurate readings.

    You best bet at tracking ovulation is using BBT (basal body temperature) and charting. It doesn't mean that you didn't just cant count on the test to be accurate. Good luck.

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    hi hun i use the clearblue montor too and if its the first time you are using it it usually gives quite a few high readings before you get a peak.

    i know i had quite a few highs the first time i used it.

    and also someone said if you dont get a peak you dont ovulate that isnt true. you can still ovulate when you only have high readings. your body may not produce enough of the hormones for the monitor to detect a peak. for example you do a test in the morning get a high reading. around dinnertime your hormones go right up then by trhe early morning they gone down you test again and is still high you could of got the surge inbetween those two tests.

    hope this helps and try not to worry it will give you a peak soon

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    I use the monitor too, sometimes I stay high for most of my cycle (ie, I don't ovulate) and I have never had problems with my cycle otherwise... Typically I don't hit "high" until day 10 or 11 and then "peak" day 12 or 13... Sometimes women have cycles where they just don't ovulate at all. That happened to me this month out of the blue, so no Christmas baby for us. =( Until you hit "peak" fertility you are not about to ovulate, and unfortunately that's different for everyone... Sorry not to be more help, but that's the way this stuff goes.

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    I use the Clear Blue monitor too. In the directions it says that clomid may cause irregular test results. I used the online fertility predictors as well, but I found that the Clear Blue was more accurate. Call you dr or the number on the back of the box and they can tell you for sure if the clomid is messing up your testing results.

    Good Luck!

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