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when are the five prayers supposed to be prayed?

Muslims are supposed to pray Five times a day, what are the times that we are to say these prayers?

I remember one is at 5 am, is that right? when are the other four?

Thank you, Assalamu Alaikum!

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    Wa aleikum salam.

    You can learn from that site, type your city and see.

    May Allah accept your prayers.

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    the prayers are not at fixed time, they change every few days according to the sun. They are Fajr(dawn), Duhr(noon) Asr(after noon) Maghrib(dusk), Isha (evening). if you'd like, you could email me on and i could send you a program which is VERY accurate in prayer times, you choose you country and city and it tells you the times. It also recites Quran and has a hijri calendar but you'll have to buy the program for those to work. I hope i helped and i hope you email me. Salamu Aleikum

    Source(s): this site lets you download the program if you dont want to contact me
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    salam may peace mercy and blessings of allah be upon you.

    fajr should be prayed before sunrise

    zuhur should be prayed midday

    asr should be prayed after midday

    maghrib should be prayed when the sun is about to be set

    isha should be prayed when the sun is fully set.

    well come to the muslim ummah

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    that's reported that persons of the muslim faith pray at specific situations yet they are allowed to desire at diverse situations if needed. the situations are spread out in the time of the day so the physician, for this reason, could desire to discern his/her schedule schedule around the prayer situations.

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    Assalamualaikum brother!

    You can easily determine the time of prayer by downloading the Athan (azan - call to prayer) software 3.0 from:

    click on the "download athan basic" to download it for free.

    And welcome to the Muslim Ummah, my brother.

    May God simplify your affairs for you.

    Happy Eid al-Adha.

    Peace and Love


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    If you lived near a mosk you would not have to ask. I just wish they would turn down the volume some. Even my dog it getting annoid with the noise.

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