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Do you anti-American Maggots realize you are being used by the Islamic Lunitic Fringe...?

Why should we fight a "civilized" war against today's Jihadi-Nazis, whose tactics are straight out of the 13 century?

America's current enemies are true barbarians the likes of which the west hasn't known since the Vikings went Christian on us.

While brutish and often simple minded by our standards they have managed to find the one chink in our armor.

They have taken refuge in the one place we are afraid to follow them.... the last taboo in the west... freedom of religon.

Despite the fact that the Islamic movement we all know and love today is really more of a energized Fascist movement, we are loath to really go after Islamic terrorists like we went after the Nazis and the Imperial Japanese is because they cloak themselves in religon.

The freedom to practice your faith is a cornerstone in all classic liberal western democracies....but NOT if that religion threatens the freedom and rights of others!

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    You're absolutely right. Religious fundamentalists are exploiting our tolerance for worship. That's why we should do away with faith altogether. There should be a systematic effort to ween people off of god belief so that fanatical god-worshipers become an aberration. In the meantime we should hunt terrorists wherever they hide and simply ignore pleas from people who cry 'religious discrimination'. We should enlist the help of Arab nations where the fanatics live and if we can't get their co-operation, we should work hard to put secularists into power (like Saddam Hussein) who can bring about change and turn god-worship into a fringe activity. The only way to do that, is to wrest control over the people from the clerics, educate the masses, and change laws so that there is equality among the sexes. The muslim nations need to become secular nations before any real change can occur.

    To put it in a nutshell, insane, superstitious belief in invisible sky people is the root of the problem. We shouldn't just hunt down radical god-worshipers, we should try and convert the peaceful god-worshipers into rational, thinking human beings as well.

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    rofl. You need to stop letting your hate and fear control you. Its not doing you or anyone else any good and only making you look insane.

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    Your attitude makes Arabs hate you and other countries anti American.

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    have you seen "jesus camp"?....kind of the same thing don't you think?

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