Changing to new pc.How do I change over to my present isp service?

Present service is

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    If you have DSL also know as broadband also known as ADSL your settings are stored in the Modem. This is normally external to your computer.

    Just plug your new computer into the Modem preferably using a Ethernet cable that would have come with the Modem.

    Your away.

    Note: Modern Computers generally come with a LAN connection. It has a very little icon of one square above two squares stamped above the socket.

    The setting are set by default to detect whats needed automatically.

    If you have a dial up Internet connection - you poor thing - you will need to plug the phone into the Modem connection on your computer. Confusingly the Dial Up Modem and the Ethernet connection look the same.

    If you look carefully the Dial up Modem connect is a little smaller then the LAN connection.

    Click on "Internet Explorer" click on Tools and Click Options click Connections and Setup. Follow the prompts.

    Note for Broadband a Modem is not actually a Modem but everyone calls it a Modem so lets not confuse the issue.

    If your have a problem setting it up contact your ISP they will be able to guide you through the process.

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    go into your control panel and click ont the security tab. You can change your cookies security from there

    BE WARNED: Letting cookies through can cause stealing of information. There are people called cookie grabbers (Cgers) and they use a script which picks up cookies. They can then find out account Pw's

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    simply you have to call your isp provider and tell them to re-activate your account. it will take about minutes from the time they do and the same day you will be able to use your present account including your email address

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