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What is the bible verse that says about that God also has jealousy. What does the verse mean?

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    Ex. 20:5 "For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God." He wants our total affections and loyalties. He is not content to be only one of several deities before whom we bow.

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    God created us to love Him above all things, as He loves us. When we turn more to other creatures and put Him second or last or not at all, we offend him gravely. When He says "I am a jealous God", He means it. He loves us each as though we were the only person in the world and just like a lover, they become jealous of a person's attention is far from them.

    God's jealousy is not a selfish jealousy, it is a jealousy based on Love and the right to have our attention before all things.

    It is not a petty Jealousy, or a fickle jealousy, nor a jealousy based on hate. His mind is always on us, always seeking us to come to Him. He's like a Father searching for His lost child and becoming torn asunder when he finds that child has strayed and become apart from him, lost. He is jealous to where he will do everything to bring that child back home. His jealousy is a hunger, because nobody can love anybody more than God.

    He loves each of us as though we were the only creation ever made. His jealousy is a justified jealousy. And to me, I think it's amazing that HE should actually feel jealous of our attention? The eternal living God Himself. What are we? Just dust in the wind, but he breathed life into us and He sustains us. He died for us. I can't think of a love that comes close.

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    Exodus 20:5.

    It means God loves us and grieves when we turn away from him to worship created things.

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    I think its some where around the Commandment that says "you shall have no other God's before Me"

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    "I am your G-d.I am a jealous G-d.I am the only one.Thou shalt not put any G-ds before 'ME'".Not a verse,a commandment.

    Source(s): Torah,Bible,etc.
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    I agree with fish and GUS.

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