Hey, can anyone help me with this circuit picture, how does this electric circuit relate to the aircraft pic?


Can anyone tell me how each item relates to the other???

How could it be used on a typical aircraft system???????

please can someone help me out??? Explanations would be nice.


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  • bobweb
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    1 decade ago
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    DC power supply on/off switch and indicator to left powers components to the right. Electromagnetic relay switch turns motor load on/off controlled by remote switch. Relay is used when the coil control switch itself is not designed to switch the required load type and a remote isolated control switch is needed. The central electrical interface bus connects and distributes power, control, sensor and load components.

    Example: Pilot turns ventilation fan motor on/off in tail of aircraft from cockpit switch. DC power supply was switched on and indicator "on" checked during pre-flight check out procedures.

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