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who would know the brand name of the pills for the breast enlargement, and how much if i buying it?..?

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    Forget pills, I heard massaging them for long periods of time helps enlarge breasts, I'll volunteer if you don't find anyone else to do it.

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    hi irs a,

    there are no pills on the market that will enlarge your breasts. and if they are guaranteed to work - then it is a scam !!!!!

    please do not waste your money on something like that, that will never work !!!!

    the only way to ever enlarge the breast is to go to a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in breast augmentation

    And make sure that you see his recent degree(s) up on the wall.

    ask to see photos of his work and if you like what you see then go

    for it.!!!!

    i hope this has been helpful to you.....and i really do wish you the best of luck !!!!!

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    there are no pills or creams that will enlarge breasts!! Breasts are fat, and you can only enlarge them by surgery or gaining weight. Don't waste a dime on that!!!

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    There are lots of sites that sell stuff, but I would not trust any of them. Try looking for transsexual sites there is a lot on there.

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  • *MG*
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    How much if you buy it? The ad obviously already cost you your sanity.... ;)

    Sorry, pills certainly don´t make your boobs bigger. Full stop.

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    they dont work...

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