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How long is "you know what" have to be?

I'm 15 y/o and I'm just wondering...

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    Don't worry man, everyone asks this question...

    In fact it's been asked already:

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    wow!!! A birds and the beezzz question for the entire world to help you with. You realize you are going to get a lot and i mean a LOT of crude answers to your question and some just down right vulger. I will answer your Question as if you are (and im just guessing here. I appologize if i'm off base) a single mother and you are talking about your son's penis size. Size is not an issue generally speaking. Penis's come in all different lengths and circumferences. Short and fat, short and skinny , medum, long and extreamly large. Whatever the case in your situation does not have nothing to do with anything. Having university credits in human sexuality (physical education degree) i do have knowledge in this area. One thing i can tell you is that very large "members" can be very unpleasant for the woman or man depending on the sexual preference. So i guess what im trying to say here is that "size doesnt matter". Again i appologize if this isn't what you are talking about. I it's shoe size the average 15 yr. old males foot should be between size 8 and 10. Hope i helped:)

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    in medical school a professor once said," if the vagina can expand to accommodate a babys head during normal vaginal delivery then what are all these issues with a mans' penis size not been big enough if the vagina can squeeze around a finger or expand to accommodate a babys' head surely size really doesnt matter..."

    so,no need to be confused any longer...when u find yourself in love with a caring loving considerate husband on your wedding nite and ur faced with an erection for the first time(humor me..i am naive like thatand pardon the pun) he will be the perfect fit becos love conquers all...

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    The "you now what" doesn"thave to be any certain length, but if it makes you feel any better, the average length is I believe 5" so there must be a lot shorter than that and some longer, just don't worry about it.

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    1. it depends. it could range from 3 inches to 9 inches depending upon one's race. but there are exceptions.

    2. there are those who are endowed with monster size naturally while there are those who got penile enlargement.

    3. the bottom line is: be happy with what you have.

    4. it is the performance that counts in the end.

    5. but the size could help, either erect or soft.

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    If you are 15 y/o, you have had English classes by now. And no, I don't know what.

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    Your penis should be at least 10 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. If yours is smaller, you really have an overdeveloped clitoris and not a penis, and should consider sex-change surgery.

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    at 15 i think your a loser to be askin such a question and your choice of words are ignorant. good luck with that!

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    Wow! The words are in English but the sentence isn't. Good job.

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