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I did something horrible to my cat but i didn't mean too ! PLZ HELP?

i wrote a question title is "IS IT B AD?" but i didn't mean too do horrible things to the cat I really love her will she haunt me in my dreams forever? i'm very scared!! I don't want nightmares !! =( HELP ME PLZ!!!!!!!

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    Instead of throwing the cat or kill it just because it made the mess in the house, why don't you give it to someone who wants cat or at least give it to Humane Society. It doesn't cost you anything anyway. As a human being, don't you have brains and therefore full control of your action and logic? What do you expect animals can do better than human without proper training? Even you can't do anything without being raised by your parents and taught not to mess around by them? They endured those years raising and teach you, so why can't you do the same to a little cat?

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    Your other questions about your cat suggest that you're not really mature enough for a pet right now. You should find someone you know who will adopt your cat, so you can come and visit if you like.

    Your cat doesn't want to be thrown against a wall any more than you do. If you can understand that, you'll understand why adoption is the best thing for your cat.

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    I have no idea... what did you do so bad that you would have nightmares about it? Need more information

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    yes, my cat Nessa sees beyond, and she says that yes, you will be haunted for nine lives.

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