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Don't you think America made a big mistake by executing Saddam?

Isn't it strange that Saddam was helped by the US long time ago? After many years when Bush came to power he accused Saddam and his regime of having weapons of mass destruction which was never found in Iraq!!! Then they killed Saddam's sons and then captured Saddam and put him to custody and set a trial for him. Then the Iraqi tribunal convicted him of crimes against humanity. Why don't you hang Bush for war crimes?? Bush would rather deserve to be executed! Bush is responsible for war in Iraq and also responsible for death of US soldiers! Open your eyes please and America was unfair! This is not justice


Saddam though was executed by Iraqis but by the request of American government and the pressure was on Iraqis to execute him now

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    As the minutes leading up to the execution ticked off, Iraqi state television ran footage of Saddam's atrocities, including images of uniformed men placing a bomb next to a youth's chest and blowing him up in what looked like a desert, and handcuffed men being thrown from high buildings.

    "The Americans want him to be hanged respectfully, "Najeeb al-Nueimi, a member of Saddam's legal team, noting any ill-treatment of his corpse "could cause an uprising, and the Americans would be blamed."

    "We oppose the death penalty in all cases, regardless of the individual or the crime," said Rob Tinline, a spokesman for the British Foreign Office.

    But, Tinline added, "It's an Iraqi trial, with Iraqi defendants, in an Iraqi court. It's a decision for the Iraqi authorities."

    "Our respect for human rights requires us to execute him" the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said, "and there will be no review or delay in carrying out the sentence."

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    How can you feel sorry for someone who killed so many people? So many innocent people died at the word of Saddam alone, yet someone like this comes on and tries an appeal for him!

    So you condone his evil ways yet want Bush to pay for standing up against him attacking other countries! Sure, Bush is not perfect, he has done some things that I don't agree with, but by far there is no comparison in him and Saddam! This man killed so many just to show how powerful he was and what he would do if anyone crossed him. So many innocent women, children, and men died simply because Saddam did not trust them. If someone was rumored to be against saddam, then that man, his friends, and his entire family were murdered!

    Saddam's sons raped and killed so many, yet they were innocent????? How is this so? Are you saying these sons were innocent??? That's a bogus statement!

    His own country found him guilty! His own people hung him! His punishment fit the crimes he brought upon his people for decades! He deserves his sentence!

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    Isn't it strange that so many people are posting to be sorry for Saddam and that our nation committed war crimes? Last time I checked this was Gulf 2. The other one, Gulf 1, that was in response to Saddam illegally invading another country. It doesn't matter if there were WMD or not. The fact is at one point there were... in 1990 for instance. I also think the Kurdish people might take issue with the WMD debate since Saddam ordered the mass killing of thousands of them using poison gas. Hmmm.. WMD, poison gas..... nawww couldn't be.

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    Why don't you dumba** people get some facts before you post your idiotic questions? The U.S. did not "pressure", or "request" the Iraqi government to execute Saddam. If it were not for the U.S., Saddam would have been dragged through the streets long ago by the Iraqi people.

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    America did not execute Saddam. Saddam was tried, convicted, and executed by Iraq.

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    You are an uneducated idiot. He killed hundreds of thousands with chemical weapons. His sons were brutal murderers. If you really think that Bush is worse, you need help. Bush has not killed anyone. Congress approved the invasion so I guess we need to take out our entire gov't. Iraq killed Saddam, not us. Sometimes friends turn into enemies. Things change. If you dont like it here, you are more than welcome to move to Iran and try to tell that gov't what you want. I'll send flowers to your hanging

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    usa went to Iraq to get administration of the sea of oil under the Iraqis soil.Now that project is achieved specific different states interior reach needs a cut back of oil gross revenues. till then there will be no peace in Iraq. Saddam had solid administration of the traitors between the Iraqis. those traitors have been to blame for the undesirable propaganda which gave excuse to the human beings to wade in and kill million plus Iraquis. some democracy to unfold around the international by utilising usa.

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    America did not execute Saddam. He was tried by a court in Iraq and executed under their orders.

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    He received a fair trial by the Iraqis, he was convicted on the evidence, and he was sentenced according to Iraqi laws.

    And this IS justice.

    So where does America come into this scenario ????

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    America didn't execute Saddam.

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