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cat adoption?

i adopted a cat on12/22 the cat only hides and does not come out of hidding when there is people around it does eat and go the bathroom i found one hiding space of the cat nowit is hiding where it can not be found is this comon and how long for it to get yoused to the surounings

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    This can be normal. First of all don't force it out of it's hiding place. I assure you it is coming out to eat also. During those times that you do know where it's hiding, go sit near it and speak very softly , reassuring it, it will be ok. Just talk to him.

    Talk to him about his new home, how glad you are that he's here, how he's safe now etc...I know it may sound silly, it's really all about the tone and softness of your voice. Spend time just sitting with him in his hiding place several times a day. You can coax him out with treats, but don't force. He needs to know he is safe and can trust you and his surroundings. Givehim time he will come out. Remember not to take strangers into "his" room.

    You have done a GREAT thing by adopting a cat...hang in there.

    Source(s): My own experience with a shy cat and having that wonderful day he came out to "allow us to love him."
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    The cat is just scared.

    Cats don't take to change very well.

    You didn't say where you adopted it from or how old it is.

    Does the cat hide from you or just from other people?

    It may take as much as a month for the cat to get used to it's new enviorment.

    It might take less or it might take more, there's no set timetable.

    Knowing the cats background MIGHT be of some help, but even then it's hard to give an exact time frame.

    Just let her be for now, she'll come around when she'd ready dont' try to force her.

    Good Luck with your new Kitty.

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    we've an application to start and that they pay an adoption fee it is extra suitable than what they might get with the aid of merchandising the animal. We do homestead bypass to and back up telephone calls. They sign our settlement that if for any reason they are able to no longer shop the cat it relatively is back to us. We tell human beings we rescued the puppy as quickly as we don't want to back. We additionally microchip all our pets so as that in the event that they do finally end up interior the seem as quickly as they are able to touch us.

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    Sounds wonderful! Yes, the cat is just scared and is now trying to get used to this weird new world you've brought him/her into. Just give it all time ... it took one of my kittens about a month to come out. Her daily hiding place (in my closet up on a shelf of comfy sweaters) was not found by me until months afterwards when I went to wear a sweater and found it was covered in fur. Ah well ...

    Your cat probably comes out and explores at night and when you are not there. It's fine. You'll probably know the cat well within a month.

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    leave the cat alone. it is afraid.

    give it time to get used to you. it could have been abused in its past life. i adopted a cat just like that. it took her a couple of months to warm up to me. it took her 2 years to actually trust me. she still will not let me pick her up when we take walks outside. only in the house.

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    the cat is scared. its ok let him do his thing, as long as he is eating,drinking ect. don't worry

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