How to acquire US citizenship?

Hello there!!

i am currently an Australian citizenship wanting to migrate to the US permanently. I have no relatives in the US but hope for employment.

Will getting citizenship be easy for me seeing as I have no relatives in the States?

What do i need to do to acquire US citizenship?


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    I work for USCIS, as a Customer Service Representative. Since you are currently outside the United States, I understand it is probably difficult to call our customer service number... But, for more thorough information, you can visit our website at

    Anyways... Since you have no immediate relatives in the US, it may be difficult to get the process started. What you may want to do is consult your local US Embassy or Consulate about acquiring a tourist visa, if you do not already have one. After gaining that visa, schedule a visit to the US. Find a few prospective employers, and if you find one who is particularly interested, find out if he or she would be willing to petition for you. First, you would need to change your status in the US, by filing the form I-539... Your employer would need to file a few forms as well, but that is something he or she would already know about or would need to call USCIS to find out about. After your status is changed to that of a nonimmigrant worker, your employer could then begin petitioning for your permanent residency, which does not take very long in these cases, so long as all the forms and evidence are filed properly. After being granted your permanent residency based on employment, you will received a temporary card (green card) valid for two years. After your card expires, you will file to remove the conditions and be granted a new card valid for ten years. After you have been a permanent resident for five years, you can apply to USCIS using the form N-400 for your Naturalization as a US Citizen (or if you happen to marry with a US Citizen in this time period, you can be married to him or her for three years, as well as be a resident for three years, and apply).. For more information about the form, and to actually download one if you'd like, you can visit our website. After the N-400 is processed, you will received an interview date, test date, and an oath ceremony date. After all of that is completed, after you take the oath to US, you will receive your Naturalization Certificate and the process will be complete... You will then be a US Citizen.

    That's a lot of information, but I hope it helped :). If you have any questions, feel free to email me or use our website

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    I too am Australian, and was thinking about getting US citizenship. I am a software engineer. I'm curious as to why you're thinking of gaining US citizenship ... anyways;

    The first thing you need to do is get residency.

    You can acquire residency in 4 main ways;

    1. family based (you can't do this since you don't have relatives)

    2. employment based

    3. investment based (i.e. set up a business and employ people in the US in select regions. usually the investment is +1M $US)

    4. Green-card lottery.

    After you acquire residency you must maintain it for 5 years, and then you have the option acquiring full citizenship.

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    say your being persecuted by sheep and camels

    and claim asylum

    if that fails

    a good cv with something useful

    and try to get a contact in USA

    there is a green card lottery all the time as well

    unlike oz it dosen't really matter that half your family ain't there

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