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OK I am quitting smoking the first of the year! I know why wait but I am so no preaching...any ideas to help?

I dont not really want to patch it or anything, not that I won't if it helps, I am looking for tips and advice basically. I have in the last two years lost 67 lbs...I do not want to gain it back THAT is my biggest fear...some ideas please!

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    Picking a date is good, gives you time to be sure. Also saying I am quitting is a good sign, not I am going to try. The 1st, say, "I'm a non-smoker" Then get all the support you can. The patch is good for physical symptoms. It's the mental part that is so hard. It is an addiction so very hard to stop. Take it seriously, as it will consume all of your thoughts for awhile. You can do it.

    Source(s): I am a respiratory therapist.
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    My employer has recently gone smoke free on our entire campus. Several of the people I work with have tried in the past, and been unsuccessful, or unhappy with the results. One friend has used the patch, Wellbutrin, and other aids. Recently she has started a new medication named Chantix. It is prescription only, and costly. Another friend that is a heavy smoker, (both of this women have smoked 15-20years), she recently started, and is having to force herself to smoke the last few days. It starts with you smoking specific directions on the first few days of the medication. A start date is picked. From that date on, you do not smoke. You continue to take the medication for 8-12 weeks, depending on the MD prescription. I as an outside observer am amazed at the results. If you try other methods, and discover that they are ineffective, look into Chantix. It is working really well for some of my friends that have a long hx of heavy smoking. Good Luck!

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    ~There are a lot of different things you can use besides a patch for nicotine withdrawl. That's what I used and just having it on helped me, when I felt weak, I covered the patch with my hand as if to get an extra dose of nicotine. I was addicted to the nicotine.

    You need to stay away from the people and places you smoked until you are strong again.

    Congrats on your weight loss & good luck.~

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    I quit smoking using the laser to stop smoking. Smokefree now for 5 months. Good luck, it is very hard to quit cold turkey.

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    chew on gum or find something to do with your hands when the urge strikes. keep cut up veggies around. most that quit gain some weight, because we had the habit of putting the cigarette in our mouth and now replace that urge with food. also our body processes food better once we have quit. for me I gave up smoking and took up running...25 years ago

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    quit now.

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