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Depression meds?

What is the best depression medication out there? I have tried Effexor and after about a year, it did absolutely nothing except for giving me an extremely low sex drive. Can anyone tell me a good med?

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    I don't know about any good medication. But I would be skeptical about all the medical malpractice that's being used to cell them.

    I personally believe the best medicine is natural.

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    Everyone responds to different medications differently. Some medications work well for some people and some don't. Wellbutrin is supposed to be good when it comes to sex drive. I have taken Effexor a couple different times and I am currently on Wellbutrin. I have also taken many others including Prozac and Celexa. Most of the medications I have taken seemed to have worked for a while and then either stopped working or the depression just got too bad. I am pretty stabilized with the medication I am on now, but still go into downward spirals sometimes. As far as the sex drive, I don't have any luck with that. I think it depends on the person, the medication, and the situation. You never know what will work until you try it. It's a trial and error situation. Talk to your doctor about the different medications and your options. Do NOT stop your Effexor treatment. If you and your doctor decide to try something else instead of Effexor, he/she will wean you off of it slowly. Stopping the medication suddenly can have serious side effects including withdrawals. Good Luck!

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    The only antidepressant (and I tried a LOT) that even somewhat worked for me was parnate, which is in a class of medicines called MAOIs. When you're on them, you have to follow a strict diet (not too bad, no cheese and some other foods, if you don't follow it you could have a stroke or die).

    What did work to improve my many mental health issues (I've been 100% depression free for over a year) was therapy and working through the issues that made me depressed and angry and anxious. Anti-depressants can have side-effects, as you've expereinced, and in some people can make depression worse. An antidepressant may be helpful to you while you're working on issues during therapy, but please don't believe the people that will try to tell you that you will need to be on one forever.

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    ~The only good depression medication out there is the one that works for you. It is so different from each person.

    Since Effexor isn't working for you, tell your doctor. If it's just your sex drive, Wellbutrin will counteract that side effect.

    You're lucky, there are a lot of new medications out there for depression.

    Good luck.~

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    Get off the Effexor, have mind blowing sex once everything is working again and then see a doc who won't let you go a whole year on the wrong medicine. These docs think everything is depression when it could be a mood disorder or something else.

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    As usual, I would advise you to discuss this problem with your prescribing doctor. He/she is more familiar with you and your body chemistry and if you've tried an antidepressant for a year with no positive results then you definitely need to discuss a change . Donot quit on your own. You could face serious withdrawal symptoms. There are so many different antidepressants available, do be sure to tell your doctor about the side effects that you are experiencing.

    Source(s): You may research- Antidepressants/Side Effects. Also your doctor is full of imformation. I have learned from self-experience.
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    Like Katie said, you have to experiment with different ones to find the right one. I went through quite a few and effexor was one I didn't care for at all!!! Paxil works well, except for trying to get off of it. I am in the process now of trying to get off of it, and I am having "brain zaps" from it. Try Zoloft or Prozac.

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    Well there are a lot of them out there, that don't have that side effect. But everyone is different. I can't tell you what is good, and what is not. You will just have to go back to the doctor that gave you that medication, and tell him it is not working. I am pretty sure he will try other anti-depressives on you. So go see your doctor, cause everyone is different, and he will try to get the right one for you. With as little of side effects as he can....

    Happy Hoildays

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    I would suggest Celexa. It has the usual side effects but it's worth a try if you need meds.

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    there´s no good medicine for that, all of them have serious side effects, get some exercise and go out more...

    Every day drink a glass of water as soon as you get up and look at the sky, that has worked for me.

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