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what to do, what to do.?

i am a second year freshman in college. i really f-ed up last year and got suspended from school. i am now attending community college and doing much better and getting things on track. my major is elementary education. the problem is: i dont want to teach. i dont know what the hell i wanna do. right now i am viewing college as a complete waste of time if i dont know why i am going. the only reason im staying in is because i dont want to disappoint my family. please give me some advice as to what i should do.

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    Take courses that seem interesting, challenging, and totally odd. Stop trying to find an answer to your future. You need time to think and learn. If you stop worrying and start enjoying the fact--the very blessed fact--that you are free to learn, you will come up with something in time. Sorry to sound like a fortune cookie, but remember, college ain't trade school, despite what most people think.

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    Fear of disappointment is something that haunts a lot of people, especially in their adolescent years. You have a duty to yourself to make the most of everything you have. In my opinion you should stick with it and get the grades, even if at current does not lead onto what you would consider your ideal career. Having a qualification in anything will aid you in getting qualified in other areas. Colleges and Universities look more kindly upon people who have a qualification in something. Just stick with it, as unlikely as it seems you may actually begin to like it and even if you don't, you will have something to show for it at the end. If you quit now you will hate your self for it in the future when you are finding it incredibly difficult to get back into learning and education in different fields once you have decided what you would like a career in. It is however totally your choice and you should take nothing that anyone on here says as gospel. This is just my opinion created from my own personal experience at life.

    I Hope this helps and that you make the right decision for yourself for what feels right for you.

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    Nobody but you has to live your life. Never do anything to satisfy others. Explain to them how you feel. If they don't understand, it is their problem. Good luck.

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    check out the courses that interest you and if you can afford it, switch to that course.... many ppl are dropping out of college because they dislike their course

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