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I will be storing my pc for about six months. When I shut it down, will the information stored on it be saved?

I am not that computer savy! Does anyone have a good suggestion on what to do? Thanks.

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    Generally, it is never a bad idea to have a backup of your most important files. Also if you're one of those people who want their computer running exactly the same, and don't like it when people mess with it, I would recommend ghost images of your entire OS hard drive. Every time you shut down your computer, all of your settings remain unchanged.

    The hard drive is non-volatile which means the data is always saved; however the RAM is volatile, so every time you shut down your computer, your running programs, any documents opened, will not be saved unless physically saved onto the hard drive first. Personally I've had a computer stored away for 2 years, ran it right back up when needed it. At the same time, my daily computer has been running for close to 3 years now with about 3-4 restarts.

    With computers, if anything is going to break down, it'll do it no matter what. Doesn't matter if your computer was powered or not when your hard drive fails. It does have higher chances of failing when constantly running, but there's always the chance of frying it during boot up with a spike or something.

    So if you're storing it away, nothing should go wrong. If you have important documents or files (songs and such) that you might need during those six months, just store em on flash drive, or cd/dvd's.

  • Just shut it down! It won't lose any data. However, if it's an older computer (or a Dell), and might stop working, I'd back up all the important stuff on a CD/DVD/Jump Drive.

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    I will suggest to backup your important data on a CD/DVD. If HDD been store away for too long, it might just fail without a good reason.

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    As far as your computer is concerned, turning it off for six months is just like turning it off for six minutes. But make a backup of your data if you want.

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    just go to start, shut down and leave it loked away for the 6 konths and it will be fine

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