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Do you think some of the violence will end now that Saddam is gone?

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    No, the insurgency is bigger than Saddam. Most the Iraqi people hated Saddam. The insurgents goals are varied and range from establishing an Islamic state to various ethnic complaints.

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    Violence will continue. Saddam ceased to be in power since the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. Everything that happened in Iraq since then had nothing to do with Saddam. The sectarian killings between Sunni and Shia muslims don't even mention Saddam. It was the U.S.'s mistake in thinking that everything will be alright once Saddam is gone.

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    No. The violence is just beginning.........sorry to say.......for days to come there is going to be blood on the streets. I feel bad for Iraqi people. They do not deserve so much agony.

    The violence will be so much that one will say Saddam rules from his grave.

  • Gnome
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    I believe that Saddam's absence in the news will have no impact on anything.

    The level of violence cannot be measured by the insignificant event of his execution. It was exercised by the Iraqi courts and whatever violence that occurs has nothing to do with his demise.

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    No. I think that it will only increase. Although the Middle East have adopted a lot of our Western ways, they still claim to hate Americans. With no one really in power over there, the ruthlessness will continue to grow in size.

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    Violence and hate don't have any rules...neither goals.

    Saddam was jailed but violence exists without him.

    His dead will not change anythoing to the Iraq situation.

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    No, they are idiots over there, they will never grow up and be mature. They think the only way to live is to fight and kill each other. This is ridiculous, I don't know what else to think about it. I believe they also have mental problems on top of that.

  • kimht
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    1 decade ago

    Iraq is the present hot sport for terrorist attacks

    One blown up and you has two replacement

    Get wise and ask them to returned now

  • L J
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    1 decade ago

    Just the end of an era of murder. At least the people know for sure he is not coming back !!!!! thats about it

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No, it'll raise. Dramatically.

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