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Whats the best liquor to mix for a good but strong margarita?

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    Tequila is the quintessential margarita alcohol. There are 5 types of tequila:

    oro : gold unaged (coloured with caramel)

    Blanca - Plata : white or silver unaged but unadulterated like the one above. some can be excellent for the price.

    Reposado : "rested" aged minimum 3 months but less ten a year

    anejo : "aged" minimum 1 year but not more then 3

    maduro - "vintage" aged more then 3 years. these can get outrageously pricey and for that reason it would be pointless to make a mixed drink with these

    I personally prefer a silver or reposado for margaritas brand like Don Julio, Sauza and Hurradura are great. The last 2 are more tailored to sipping like cognac which is my greatest vice :).

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    I will tell you this way. All I drink is margaritas and tequila shots. You will want some Jose Cuervo in your margarita. The 1800 is the smoothest. Matter of fact that is what I am having for the New Years party that I am throwing this weekend.

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    In the blender add

    1 small can of frozen concentrated lemonade

    1 cup of tequila (1800 is good)

    3/4 cup of Grand Marnier (expensive)

    1 dash of salt

    1 tablespoon of sugar

    1/2 can of beer (whatever brand you desire)

    Blend well........

    Enjoy the party!!!

    Source(s): I make them for my sister and Girlfriend Got the recipe while Mexico comprendo usted?
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    a margarita can only be made correctly with tequila. Use cabo wabo

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    you only make margaritas with tequila.

    daquaris on the other hand (strawberry,raspberry, etc..)

    are made with a light rum.

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    "Silver Petron" tequilla is my favorite.If you like a good strong margarita you need a really good tequilla.

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    Honorable Rajneesh does not know and instead wishes that you drink nothing other than water or nectar.

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    Vodka or tiquila

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