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when i plug in my big screen tv the prongs make a spark?

I want to know how come when i plug in my big screen projection tv in the outlet it makes a spark. Is it normal, because now when i have to plug in an appliance i'm scared it's going to saprk.

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    No idea what country you are in , but the Earth pin in your G.P.O should always make contact before the active & nuetral. A spark or ARC means a potential difference between two points & current flow. Maybe you have a faulty earth at that power point. Maybe you have large inrush current from the T.V. Try connecting to another power point (not in the same room) with an extension cord & see if it does the same thing. Is is tripping circuit breaker or blowing fuses ?

    Or alternately if you don't think it is a earth leakage type fault why not just turn the power point off before plugging in the TV, then turn it on. Either way if the pins on your plug are "scarred" or pitted or the G.P.O is discoloured or excessively hot there is a fault & increased risk of fire. The T.V itself may be causing this if it has an internal fault causing excessive leakage through failed componentry to earth, again a fire hazard. Don't be tempted to fool around or open things, electricity bites HARD...If your that worried get the T.V repair guy to do an insulation resistance test & check things over. He'll be able to let you know if its your G.P.O or T.V at fault.

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    interior the united kingdom, our 240 volt 3 pin plug has a protection characteristic over the ecu and American 2 pin standards. because of the fact the long pin enters the socket, it catches on a spring loaded floor interior the socket which permits the two smaller pins enter the socket. it is to look after the possibility of electrocution by potential of guarding the socket.

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