i forgot my win2000 administrator password.can there is any way to crack password or any way to log in windows

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    First, you should always ask mommy if you can use her computer. The password is there to keep you from going to websites you should not be at.

    Second,you should be outside playing with real friends. Try a sport or get a hobby.


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    So you wanna hack huh? Don't worry I'm a hacker; it's what I do. To me, hacking Windows XP is for beginners. Hacking e-mail passwords is harder. So here we go, let's do this!

    There are many ways to hack Windows 2000/XP.

    First login into any account on the computer (doesn't have to be an admin). Hit start and click run. Now, type in "cmd" (w/out the quotes) or type in "command" (w/out the quotes) (depending on the Windows it's either cmd or command) Hit OK.

    This will open up your command prompt/shell. Now, type in-

    "net user" - hit enter

    type in -"net user Admin"

    type in -"net user Admin *"

    type in any new password you would like to change it to.

    If it says access denied. Then restart your compuer.

    When restarting your computer and during the PH Service, press F8 to go to the Advance Menu. Select Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

    Now, on Safe Mode, the welcome screen (the blue screen where you select an account) only lets you choose an Admin account. For example say your name is Bob and your sister is Sally. Normally your welcome screen shows (to select an acocunt):

    - Mom (administrator with password)

    - Dad (administrator with password)

    - Sally (limited account)

    - Bob (limited account)

    - Guest (limited account)

    Well, on Safe Mode it'll only have:

    - Mom (administrator with password)

    - Dad (administrator with passowrd)

    - Administrator (administrator with... we don't know!!)

    When you're at this screen press the delete button; this will take you to the old fashion login screen. Now, type in Admin as the user and for the password... don't put anything. Just press OK (some people forget to set passwords for the Administrator or Admin). If it doesn't work, try typing in Administrator for the account user and leave the password spot blank and press OK. If the administrator needs a password and it doesn't work, then type in Bob as the user name and press OK (if you have no password and if u do just type in your password). When you login try the following steps when you ran the cmd or command (the net user stuff). And try to change the password of any Administrator's account.

    If access is denied again then e-mail me at


    Then I'll will tell you my other ways you can hack the Windows passwords. I'll tell the one that I use that works with 100% probability. Trust me, what do you have to lose. Just give me a buzz at the e-mail address I gave you and he'll hack this account in a day probably... or two.

    C ya there.... that is if you just simply e-mail me.

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    100% Reset Windows Admin Password : http://tinyurl.com/XCi6vqNvtD

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    1 decade ago

    do u know this s/w.. Winternal ERD Commander 2005

    download this s/w, then u can recover it..

    if u need anoder method then buzz me..

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes, it's possible :)

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