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What's the best time in the year to travel to China?

I like cool weather. Think early spring or fall. I'm thinking about travelling May 15-Aprl 7. What is this season?

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    The best season to travel to China is Spring (from March to May) and Fall (from September to November). Try to avoid May 1, Labor Day and Oct 1, National Day, since they both are week long holidays, and everywhere is crowded.

    The time you pick is Spring, the weather should be perfect since you like cool weather. Be aware that there maybe sand storms in Beijing sometimes in March and April.

    You can check the weather from this link:

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    It really depends on where you're going. Since I'm only familiar with the coastal regions, I'll tell you about them.

    The northern region (Beijing, etc.) is dead cold in the winter, and most places are extremely hot during the summer. I reckon fall and early spring would be about the same temperature wise.

    The south has temperatures along the lines of California's weather. If you're going to the south, I would go in the fall. It's t-shirt and light pants weather.

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    As long as you avoid the summer and winter you will be okay. It can be extremely cold in the winter and the humidity in the summer is almost unbearable. You are traveling at a good time. Also, some of the paintings and artwork at some of the palaces are not on display in the summer since the heat damages the paint.

    Source(s): I did a research project on China this past spring
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    The time you are choosing to go is perfect. Don't go in February. Sure, its Chinese New Year, and festivities are great, but it may become nearly impossible to travel by train, which is the best, and sometimes only, way to travel around.

    Source(s): Resident of the Henan Province for over 1 year.
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    fall in china is still pretty warm, 100F until november. right now in southern china the weather is in the 70'sF. next month, feb. 16 is the chinese new year, i am going then, it will be great, see you there.

    Source(s): 4th trip to china.
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    Just go at April - July, it is good enough.

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