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What do you think your life would be like if you lived in the viking era?

my history teacher gave us this assignment where we have to write a diary of what our life would be like if we lived in the viking era. any suggestions?

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    Okay- we'll do your homework for you, ye lazy little sod. But loveable though.

    Life in the Viking era was cold, stark and hard.

    Society was stratified into very classes or castes, the slave/labourer class, the farming class, the skilled smith class and the warrior class.

    Life in Norway was hard and cold. Perpetual snow in winter and a few short weeks of Summer and Spring for Freya to weave her magic. Time enough though to tend the fields and allow the cows to breed. Tall spruces would be felled for work on our longhouses and longboats.

    I was a woodworker and shipbuilder by craft, the father taught me the skill, and his father before him, stretching back into distant memory. We'd fell the trees with sharp axe, trim them and lug them by either oxen or manual labour back to the work-hut.

    There the wood would be seasoned in a shallow pond, full straight logs more than fifty feet long. Hand splitting the wood was hard work- but pleasant enough to warm a cold winter's day- using an adse or woodworking axe and wooden wedges, we'd split the wood neatly along its natural grain.

    Within in a day, the men and I could easily finish off a dozen or two logs. Lunch would be a steaming bowl of boiled cured-cod, with wild wheat porridge and washed down with a few decent sized meads- our honey beer.

    Our boats were built without nails, using instead timber pegs and dowels. During the day we'd boil up some pitch from the sap and branches of the spruce to waterproof the overlapping ship-planks with this boiled sap- our own spruce caulk mixed in with scraps of wool woven into a rough cord.

    Rough hewn the boat looked at this stage- but she was well made- she'd whisk along the waves as light and fast as the dragon on her prow. Men and women both worked at the boat building in Viking days- the wife stayed inside with other womenfolk and young children, weaving the woolen sail cloth and making the cordage for our rigging.

    Yes, life was tough but never an empty day for rest- wit butter to be made, mead to be brewed, fish to be cured and of course building our fine longboats for trading for our beloved silver treasure in far off lands like Araby and the land of the Volga.

    There- not the best- but it's a start. Go read a book you naughty little thing and keep off the XBox!

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    very harsh.

    have you ever seen the thirteenth warrior. Vikings were very war like so your diary would definately include some details on a fight.

    Also check out the norse gods and such.

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    Violent & hungry.

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