why can you see the moon during the day light?

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    For the same reason that you can see mountains and other far away objects, they are there.

    Which is farther away, the moon or Florida?

    Blond girl says: Hello! Can you see Florida?

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    The bright enough and reflecting the sun answers are correct. I just wanted to add that sometimes Venus can be seen in the daytime - clear day, just the right lighting - rarely seen. Many more times you can see Venus with binoculars in the daytime. Venus is the 3rd brightest object in the sky.

    The moon is bright enough that you need a filter if you are looking straight at it with some telescopes - night time and brighter the closer to full it is.

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    Where did you go to school? Everybody knows that the moon is the back side of the Sun. When you see the moon during the day, you are actually seeing a double reflection of the back side of the Sun (the Moon) which is reflected off the interior surface of the "Firmament" (Where God keeps the water he used for Noah's flood) it is then re-reflected to the opposite interior side of the Firmament where it appears normal in the sky. I hope this explains it for you.

  • Wicked
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    you can see it when it is dark, because even though it looks like a bright object in the sky, once the daylight of the sun appears it is to dim to show up in the sky.

    Sometimes on dim or foggy mornings I can see both the moon and the sun. this does not last long for the fog burns of with the sun rising and brightening the sky.

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    1 decade ago

    The moon reflet the sun light

  • 1 decade ago

    Why shouldn't you be able to see it? What you are seeing is the sunlight being reflected of its surface and is bright enough to be seen in normal daylight. It ain't rocket science - if you'll forgive the pun!

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    Yes you can see it, But one thing is that our international time is various from place to place.

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    Because I hasn't gone all the way around

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    The simple answer is: because it is bright enough. Stars (other than our sun) are not bright enough.

  • chin
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    1 decade ago

    because the sun is still reflecting off of it.

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