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How can I lose weight FAST!!!!!!!!!!?

I'm 12 years old and I weigh 158 lbs. I really want to lose weight because I'm tired of people telling me: "You really need to lose weight. Here's a site you can go to." And me saying: " I know I need to lose weight but I don't wont to use pills that might not even work!" Anyway, I (yah ME) want to lose weight as fast as posible without getting a disease. Also the reason I'm so fat is because when I was younger I had A binge-eating disorder... That is where you start eating and then you cant stop. Usually it's junk food that you end up eating... I really need help!!!! Oh and there is another thing: It's getting cold so there isn't much to do outside. And I can't go to a gym either because I live in Austria so I can't go really ANYWHERE.... No one speaks engish =[ . I mean I speak a little. But thats beyond the point... I really need help! Can you please help me?!?!?!?!

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    EXECISE! Play sports! Have fun! Just getting involved in things like Student Councie get you off your butt and moving. This can help you lose wieght, the heathly way.

  • A couple of random thoughts:

    A. You want to lose weight fast. Great. But please know that losing weight fast is neither healthy nor very maintainable. Losing weight slowly, through changing your lifestyle, is best. You don't need a diet or a miracle cure, you need a healthy lifestyle. This begins with changing your eating habits and starting to exercise.

    B. You can go to a gym, even in Austria. Most Austrians speak enough English to sing you up for a gym; that being said, you're 12, so they may have rules against minors at a gym. Either way, talk to your parents about joining a gym or finding some kind of activity to be involved in (It's cold? Ski or skate).

    C. Before you do any of this, try and ask yourself why you started binging on food. The real question lies here, I think. Try and understand why you are what you are and then try to imagine yourself as what you want to become.

    D. See a doctor. It might be a good idea. Again, talk to Mom and Dad.

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    if you eat 5 small meals a day then your metabolism will get faster and you will lose more weight. you don't have to eat exactly five a day but it is good if you do. make sure the meals are small. you should drink water before you eat so you don't eat too much food. eating slow helps too. and if you feel full then stop eating. tell you parents to either stop buying junk food or put it somewhere so you wont eat it. and never ever skip breakfast unless you slept in late. you are not suppose to go 5 hours without food unless you are sleeping. and you should not eat anything 3 hours before you go to sleep, even if it is healthy. Drink a lot of water.

    Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

    you can exercise in your home instead of going outside or to a gym. you can do sit ups, crunches, or you can lay down and lift up your legs. you can run in place or do high knees or jumping jacks. if you don't like exercise, then combine the exercise with something fun that you enjoy doing. running is the best exercise you can do to lose weight and be healthy.

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    Everything got to start slowly.write down ur plan on a book, and what motivates you.

    Eat less, and you could also exercise at home.

    You could eat 3 meals a day, and be thin.

    Cut down on bread.They make you put on weight very fast.

    Eat more fruits, if you ever feel like snacking.

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    in my opinion you must realize in your head that there is no quick fix for this and the only thing to get you out of this problem is hard work and a stern attitude ....what i mean by this is that you must find a workout you can do in your house i do them all the time at home sit ups and push ups......try cardiovascular exercises like star jumps or trunk twists even jogging on the spot and remember everything you do will help and is burning calories so start slow then push yourself hard for about 45 Min's 3 times a week.....also remember everything bad you eat will not only give you fat but will also make you feel bad about yourself then when you feel bad you'll only wanna eat what i say for three months and i promise you it will be so worth it you wont believe what you can achieve until you achieve it.......bye work hard..

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    im 14 and i had/having the same problem as you, all my life i had people telling me that i need to loose weight or i hear them telling me .you dont need to eat that. At my last check up i weighed in at 133 pounds. i was so upset. my sister has a perfect body she is 98 pounds and is 16. Becasue i hated the way i looked my mom has decided to go on a diet with me. As a child my mom was just like my sister, she also had a perfect body. but recently becasue of age she is gaining weight too. she weighs around 120 and is 53 years old. My mom and i have looked at alot of weight loss programs including Jenny, weight watchers, and many more. We decided on weight watchers. It gives you a book of what you can eat and healthy alternatives. for example you 10 fudge bars = up to 100 creamsicles. We also joined curves, the work out program. It only takes 30 minutes for a complete workout. If your looking to loose weight dont eat fudge bars. If your mom would like to loose weight too ask her to go on a diet with you. If she doesnt want to loose weight tell her that you would like to go on a diet by your self. She will respect that. Since it is getting cold out, ask your mom to join you up for indoor swimming. STAY AWAY FROM CHIPS, POPCORN AND SODA! dont use the pills they are not good for kids. I dont live in austria so i dont know about the indoor sports you could do, but you could also ask your mom to but a tredmill. that way you could run. jog, walk, etc. i hope this helps and good luck. if poeple critisize you, so doesnt change your personality im sur eyour a great person. :)

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    Since you live in Austria, you could sign up for winter sports lessons. Try snowboarding or something. It is a lot of fun, and most of the instructors are young so they should speak some English. It costs like 30 euros for two hours where I went. I couldnt really snowboard either, but it was a lot of fun. Good Luck :)

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    Don't take in more calories than you burn in a day. The quicker you lose weight, the quicker it will be gained back. It must be done gradually by proper eating and adequate exercise.

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    chew calorie free gum for 9 hours

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    stay up on a unicycle for 20 minutes

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