Who was Ahmed Shah Massoud?

What was his greatest accomplishment?

If he had not been assassinated on Sept 9 2001 by Taliban operatives what might have he have been to do?

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    North Alliance Commander Ahamad Shah Massoud fought more than 10 years against the terrorists and extremists. Washington hardly gave him any help and they did not heed his warnings. Massoud insisted time and again that the Taliban were an extreme threat not only to Afghanistan but to the world but his warnings were ignored. Ahmad Shah Massoud was a world class leader and an excellent commander. The man was loved and respected by his people. On September 9th, 2001, Commander Massoud was injured in a suicide bombing carried out by two Arab terrorists posing as journalists. After a few days lying in a coma, on September 14th, 2001, at age 48, dear Massoud reached martyrdom. Massoud was a patriotic citizen who gave his life for the cause of peace and democracy

    This is taken from: http://www.khawaran.com/Engl_Faiq_AfghanSociety.ht...

    His greatest accomplishment? Understanding the threat of the Taliban and bin Laden and trying to warn the world.

    If he had not been assassinated, and if he finally received the support and aid he desperately needed, might have become a great leader of Afghanistan.

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    This guy was same for Soviets as were Taliban for Americans. Americans suported Taliban but then deserted them and on 9/11 turned against them. In case of Ahmed Shah Masood, he was always in company of Soviets until his death before 9/11. There was nothing great about him as he was just another warlord of Afghanistan siding with General Dostam of Northern Alliance. If he was alive today, he would be the President instead of Karzai.

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