In my bathroom?

recently posted a question about how I was worried about my son and I had some responses saying he may be masturbating in the bathroom.Is this normal to do in there? Have any other mothers known their sons to do this?

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    1 decade ago
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    M'am there is absolutely nothing wrong with your son masterbating in the bathroom. It is not only normal to do it in there, but also the most sanitary. I can guarantee you that at least 75% of the male population masterbate. Frequent masterbation has also been proven to help prevent prostate cancer. :)

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    Well I know you wanted to know about sons, but I will give you a personal example. I have been masturbating since I was about 7 (I am a 28 year old female). It was completely natural and I enjoyed it. With all the troubles and restrictions of being a kid, that was the ONE "bad" thing that I had control of and that no one could take from me. I was not hurting anyone and it made me feel wonderful.

    With that said, it is controversial amongst parents if this should be taught as being "ok". However, in the end he is going to do it regardless. My mother caught me and told me it was very bad, so I just found ways to not get caught, which made it more exciting... just being honest with you.

  • You are worrying too much. Relax! My 15 yr old goes to the bathroom also. I'm pretty sure that's what he is doing in there but I really don't want to know. Better in the bathroom than me cleaning the sheets in the bedroom. Masturbation is a normal thing for anyone to do. Don't worry so much.

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    I am a father of a son. If my son is not doing it in the bathroom, I would be worried and consult my doctor. Yes, it is quite normal. Stop worrying.

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  • That is a normal part of life. Even when they get older and even married they still do it. I caught my husband doing that not too long ago and i said goh, don't i give it up enough and he said yea but he still likes doing that. It slacks off after they get a girlfriend/wife but they still do it even though they might not want to admit it.

    Don't worry.

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    Yup. Perfectly normal. The bathroom is a private place so give him his privacy!

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    my Little brothers don it I've don it it's normal privet, easy clean-up, and safe just be glad all the "mess" is going in the toilet instead in a girl and geting her pregnant

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    yes it has a lock and lots of lube it is where most guys do it the first time

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    lots of other things happen inside the bath,so don't worry.i myself do it there.and the reason is because i love shampoo.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yea, like a billion of them

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