Why am I healthy?

Ive been living in a cockroach and mouse infested apartment for about 5 years (disgusting situation really) and really havent gotten sick. Flu (or bad cold) a couple of times and maybe a sore throat but other than that good health in the past five years, heck I was even bitten by a mouse once when I was asleep (lucky no rabies). Is sanitation overrated? Am I lucky? I know mouse droppings can carry a deadly disease, but what about roaches?

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    Sorry for your situation.

    The importance of sanitation...like many other aspects of health...is a question of beating the odds. When you are exposed to a risk factor, i.e., smoking, eating wrong, not exercising, pollutants, or in your case, potential disease-carrying pests, you are increasing your odds of getting sick. Just like in gambling, the odds of losing (i.e., getting sick) are higher than someone with a good hand, but you could still beat the odds and win. So far, you have thankfully beaten the odds, but I wouldn't let that make you complacent. The next hand that gets dealt might not be so good.

    Do everything to protect your food source, wash your hands frequently, keep the apartment as clean as possible, etc. Do everything you can to keep yourself healthy...eat right, exercise, avoid other risk factors, etc. It would be a good idea to take lots of antioxidants and vitamins to keep your immunity up as well.

    Good luck to you.

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    The best way to reduce the discomfort of sore throat is to take pain meds like Tylenol or Advil (acetominofen or Ibuprofen).

    Warm beverages and soups are also soothing to the throat.

    Gargling with warm salt water is effective at soothing and also for helping to reduce the viral infection. Good oral hygiene when you are sick is also good -- brushing your teeth and using antiseptic mouthwash (like Listerine brand) are helpful to reduce the level of viruses in your mouth.

    There are also tons of products such as throat lozenges and throat sprays that are soothing. For lozenges, I have found that the most effective active ingredient is:


    But there are not very many products that have it. Instead you will probably be able to find products containing other active ingredients.

    The brand Cepacol is generally the most effective lozenges available (in the USA). Here is their website:


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