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Would you think you were supporting your football team if ?

You demanded they be pulled from the field during the championship game because they were down by a field goal?

Is that the way we show support for our team?

Why do you say you support our troops when you keep calling them murderers?

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    Being a Marine myself, I agree with you. Everyone claims they support the troops, but they don't. After 9/11 most Americans would do anything for the US, but now the support isn't anywhere where it needs to be.

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    The difference is that when your team wins or loses on the field, everyone goes home.

    If your team has a lousy coach, he will usually be replaced.

    When an Army wins or loses, a lot of people don't go home, and a lot more people end up with no homes to go to.

    Unlike many who post on these boards I feel a sense of moral responsibility for the actions that are committed in the name of my country.

    This sense of responsibility requires me to question needless deaths.

    The rationale behind the war was false. There were no WMD's, Saddam posed no threat to anyone but Iraqis. We gave him the equipment and weapons used in the attacks we cite as reason for his required removal.

    In case you didn't hear it on the Corporate news outlets, we are much further away from a victory in Iraq, than a field goal.

    As a prior member of the Armed Forces, I have a very personal knowledge of the outstanding job our forces do any time they are assigned a mission. They are not in a position to make moral judgments about their assignment, and rightfully so.

    The responsibility for the moral decisions rest with the civilian voters. We have to decide when the cause for which we have approved the use of our troops, was either unsupported by facts, or when, because of the possibly intentional chain of improper decisions, the cause is no longer attainable.

    A standing occupying Army can not enforce the peace. By their presence a percentage of the population will be driven to protect their homes and will be willing to use force.

    It would be no different here if we were under occupation.

    I have not read any answers that have specifically called anyone in our military anything, much less murderers. We all know they are OUR sons, daughters, mothers and fathers.

    They are, however, being placed in a position of such stress for such extending periods of time that, I believe many are reaching their breaking point. This is manifested in the number of killings, rapes, etc that are committed, investigated and prosecuted.

    There have also been reports (never on corporate news) that there have been increases in the suicide rate among our troops in Iraq.

    Our troops have had their deployments in extremely hostile areas extended over and over again. There are reports of record AWOL rates. The troops that were supposed to be out are still in because of the Stop-Loss Order. Many are injured and killed after the day they thought they would be a civilian again.

    Many of those that had completed their service and had honorable discharges were brought back into service.

    Many reserve troops that had been very used to serving one weekend a month and two weeks a year, have found out to their dismay that they are now part of the front line fighting force.

    Many troops have had their home rotation cut short to allow redeployment to war zones.

    How much do you realistically think that human beings, American or not, can take?

    If you are interested in the numerous ways this administration has let our troops down since the beginning of the war, I have gone into some length in other answers.

    The best way to support our troops is to end this senseless conflict. The war benefits only large US Corporate interests.

    More terrorists are recruited daily as a direct result of this war making all US citizens less safe. This policy is Not protecting America.

    The cost of the war has increased the National Debt to record numbers. The continuance of this war is Not economically feasible. (Remember we couldn't afford to save Social Security before the war - Which would cost MUCH less than this war.)

    The oil there is only important because we have failed as the world's technological leader to cut our dependence on fossil fuels.


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    You don't score field goals in proper football.

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