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Is it wrong for a woman to be a dependent housewife, or is it useful to the family?.?

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    Use of the word dependent raises a flag for me.

    Couples should be interdependent, not one completely dependent on the other.

    Staying at home is a valid choice for the wife OR husband, whoever is most suited to the job and makes the choice freely--and whoever makes the most money should probably stay in the workforce, unless s/he absolutely hates his/her job. Someone staying home is certainly beneficial to the family, as long as all parties are contributing according to their strengths and choices.

    There are in-between options, too. Like flexing out time at work and being stay-at-home part-time. Or, if money isn't an issue, doing some significant volunteer work to get out of the house, have something of your own, and to keep resume skills up-to-date in case of tragedy. Or work from home, start small business from home, etc.

    Being a stay-at-home wife/mother is A LOT of work and people shouldn't be forced into jobs they hate if they can help it. Likewise, if you hate your out-of-home job and can switch, go for it!

    Good luck!

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    It's not wrong if that is what you want to do. Being a house wife does not mean you have to be dependent either. Raising children if that is why you are a housewife, is one of the mose important jobs in the world. It is also much harder than working outside the home, believe me, I have done both. Being a mother is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week job. You never rest.

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    That would depend on the family situation and the person. If the family is financially secure with only one income and there are children involved, then, yes, it is beneficial for a woman to stay home, take care of the house and raise the kids. If the woman just sits around and watches TV all day, then it's probably not that useful. I'm a stay at home mom now and I believe that my job is the most important I have ever had and my husband agrees. We looked for ways for me to be able to not work once our son was born.

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    Being a housewife is very important. The only downfall is when the woman is totally dependent on the husband and he desides to cheat or even to leave her. Then she suddenly left with no work experience. I'm not saying that this will happen to you but it happens to some.

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    It is only wrong if the woman doesn't want to be one.

    There is no question that a housewife/full-time mother is a great benefit to the family. But if the woman dreams of having a career then she isn't going to be a happy person which is not good for the family.

    Do whatever you prefer :-)

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    It is WRONG to be a dependent housewife or anything else for that matter. You should NEVER, EVER, EVER be dependent on anyone for anything. That is a form of control, especially if you have been dependent for a very long time.

    It is fine to be able to depend on your husband, but do not ever be dependent UPON him. If he leaves you or he dies, what kind of work history will you have if you depend on him? What do you know about your finances (including mortgages, CD's, accounts, IRA's, etc.)? If he isn't around anymore, for whatever reason, you will be totally lost and have to depend on yet more person to help you deal with life. You have to be a strong woman. Show your daughter what kind of woman she can be someday. Let your sons know that it is preferable to marry a woman who is strong and independent. Most men HATE clingy women. All the guys I know do anyway.

    Source(s): Self...I am a strong, self supporting woman. I can handle almost anything I need to handle. I have a guy I can depend on if I need advice or help, but he wants me to be my own person.
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    Dependant is a two way street.....when a woman takes on this role/job, the man reaps the rewards of her efforts = home-cooked meals, a clean home, happy,well-cared for children, support for all his endeavors because he has more free-time!

    A woman who works at home reduces the everyday task that a husband would have to do if she worked too. In this case (her not working outside the home), the "chores" are simply divided differently. Plus, there is reduced cost to the family because there is probably less money spent on things such as dry cleaning, babysitting, gasoline, convenience meals, lunches at work, maid service, yard service....etc. Also, a woman at home finds more ways to save cash because she has the time to....when I stayed home I had a vegetable garden (saved mucho $$), mended our clothes (didn't have to throw out and buy new.

    One last thing....the husband is able to come home without the stress of knowing there are 27 task that must be taken care of before 'lil Jonny get his bath and he can finally rest!

    If your hubby was able to get a college education because you held down the fort, you are intitled to some of that gain he will reap as a result of his degree (in my state).

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    Of course, it is a personal choice. Women are perfectly capable of either or both. Being a homemaker full time is a very tough job. However, the rewards are also very good. Knowing that you are personally shaping your children's lives and giving them safety, security and love is very fullfilling- so has been reported to me by several women who have made that choice.

    This is all great, as long as the woman is making the choice. As long as her husband fulfulls his part of the bargain. As long as she feels supported and cared for.

    The only situation where it might be "wrong" is when she is being abused or exploited.

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    it is very useful to the family, and definitely not wrong.

    how is it useful (you silently ask)?

    1. save money on food and eat healthier because she cooks rather than dining out and she doesn't need to get fast processed foods but can spend more time preparing nutricious meals from scratch.

    2. provide better home environment for spouse and children by keeping it clean and homey, being home when someone has a need rather than being stressed at work and having to beg the boss to let her go do her "motherly family duty thing"

    3. keep peace in the home because she is the hub that is not stressed from a job. everyone can come home and have that special someone to truly be able to give their all to them without having to think about the stress from their own job.

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    having a career outside the home is usually consists of a 40 hour work week.... being a housewife and especially a "stay at home mom" is a full time... 24/7 work schedule. how useful is that? I'm sure most women would prefer the benefits of vacation, weekends off, etc. than be "strapped" at home all the time.

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