Should i go into Liverpool Centre today?

I haven't left the house in 3 days, but i hate town so much, i only need to get a gig ticket and maybe look into a few other things. but i really hate town. but i'm really bored but it looks like its gonna rain. plus i hate spending money at any time,

but now all this typing had made me hungry :( and i want a pasty, but i can't get one for like two hours if i go out, but if i stay in i will have to eat some horrible food.

argh such a dilima man.

plus i could meet up with someone there, but its cold and i can't be arsed, so i don't know.

plus town is full of people and shops, and i hate people and shops! but i am bored!!!!!!

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    No. Whatever you do. Do. NOT. GO.

    Stay at home. I command ye.

    Don't eat a pasty- they're well rotten. Go 'ave a beef wellie or summink instead.

    Seriously, order yourself some KFC or Dominos or whatever is crap, American and home delivered. Sleep in instead. Or better yet,. invite someone or some others over to sleep with you in said bed. Even for a cuddle- then they can massage you and you fall asleep.

    I knows ye can't be arsed doing nowt but sod all, but it's a sight better than heading into town, innit? You knows it.

    Also tell your diamond geezers & dollar mates to listen to Goldie Lookin' Chain. You knows it.

  • gerda
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    4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    Put on a raincoat and cap and get out in the rain., drink hot coffeeand eat nice food, if possible go to a movie, Don"t hate people, even me also one of those people! Try to be friendly with every one,

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the only reason if there is one ?to go to any part of liverpool at all must be a very desperate one!

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