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How much "true" mass exist in this universe compared to the amount of energy???

What might the mass look like if it was all in one spot???...Tom Science 4

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    I'll take a stab at this. I do not know what true mass is but what the amount of mass compared to energy sounds like you want a ratio of energy to mass. Since you only wanted a ratio, the exact quanity of total energy or total mass in the universe is not important only the ratio of the two is.






    From Einsteins equation the ratio for E/m is always equal to c^2 for an object. If it is true for one object it is true for all objects in the universe. Therefore the ratio applies to the total energy/ total mass in the universe as well.

  • Listen, we dont even know how big the universe is! Maybe you mean our Galaxy?

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    cannot calculate how big this unuverse is we havent got to the edge of it ...yet LF

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    maybe u will be interested in big bang theory .. google it

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