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shall i shave my moustache?

basically am an indian (chennai), in my family all wil have a moustache.. even my brother will not shave his moustache..! my friends told me to shave because girls like boys withclean shaved face, they too shaves.... am afraid whether i will be looking odd if i shave it suddenly.., ALSO TELL ME HOW TO SHAVE THE UPPER LIP.. IF POSSIBLE SEND SOME PHOTOS TO (coolduy_praba[at]yahoo[dot]com).. PLZ.....

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    It's hard to answer. I can't see your real face. And I have no clue what you would look like after you shaved it. But I say what the heck. Go for it. You only live once. And if you shave it and don't like it you can always grow it back. Well atleast this way you will know if you will like it or not. You'll never know until you try. Good Luck.

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    try making a sort of thin mustache to see what the upper lip region looks like when your mustache is a bit thinned out. if you don't think it would look flattering with your face, dont shave it again and keep it growing..these days, especially in england, many indian men have gotis...if you don't like those maybe you could try the style of the moustache of the goti (thin) and shave off the hairs on your chin.

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    UM....OK....Wel i'm a chick so i cant exactly send u a pic on how to shave the upper lip sorry......But hey to be honest if i were a guy i would shave or hey atleast a trim.....some chicks do realy like a guy with no facial hairs it sometimes gives them a little tickle and could get kinda annoying....well thats what i think.....

    xxx TaTa...

    p.s do the right thing.... :-)

  • First ask some girls, then dont worry about shaving it. It grows back anyways. I shave the upper lip by putting my tounge under it and then shaving downwards, its not difficult.

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    Girls DO like guys better without the moustache, but you shouldn't shave because your friends tell you to. Make up your own mind.

    If you decided to do so, maybe go to a barber shop for it. They are proffesionals and can help you take care of your skin.

    Good luck!

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    I am 51 and have had my mustache since it started growing at 14. I curl it in a handlebar, or leave it down and natural for a cookie duster!

    However it will grow back if you decide to see if you are as handsome under it as you think and discover you are not.

    I'm so good looking under mine if I were to shave it off I would have to beat the girls off with a stick! ;D

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    that depends on yourself, if you want to continue your family tradition, don't shave it... about attracting girls, don't shave it just because your friends ask you to do so... be confident! there may be other girls who are attracted to guys with a moustache...

    about how to shave, i'm afraid i'm not sure... a razor?

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    I am indian, and like facial hair on men. Just make sure it is groomed correctly. You can go to your local barbershop and they will show you how to shave properly.

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    shave moustache

  • 4 years ago

    bypass 4 it hun.... u on no account no it would desire to look genuine good and allure to all teh females on your hairless face (coming from a woman who doesnt like facial hair)!!!!! in spite of the undeniable fact that, if u dont lyk it or omit the seconds u saved interior the moustache from a prior meal, dont difficulty, itll quickly improve back!!! :) :) :) :) xxxxx

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