What is up with the people of this country?

I don't understand why people are asking questions of whether or not we should hang Bush or should he be given the death penalty. The same people that are asking are the same ones who are feeling sorry for Sadam and lamenting his death. What sense does this make? You will say that death is wrong in one arena but right in another? Our country is turning on itself, this is scary!

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    Loosen up. Just think about what things would be like if the west lost its war on terrorism.

    In the future Bush will be seen as a hero. History will judge him well.

    Those people that criticise him have little understanding of the dangers we are facing and instead seek to compromise with those who seek to destroy us.

    Just be patient, it will end well.

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    First, don't get too hung up on the questions you see here. Editing is non-existent, and we let teens and drunken college students all post their questions. (This is the same population that routinely asks "Am I pregnant?", as well as random strings of nonsense laced with racial epithets.)

    What some of these folks are doing is turning on its head the same kind of hypocrisy that American conservatives gave us to begin with...when they decided abortion was bad, but the death penalty is good. They think this is somehow clever. While they may actually have a point, it's probably not helping the discussion right now.

    The rest, are kids and drunk people and comic wannabes, that think they can get your goat by saying something absurd and outrageous. And, to their credit, I guess it worked.

    Don't get me wrong, Bush is evil, and I'll be glad when he's gone. But we're still (at least vaguely) a nation of laws, and unless he tries to not step down in 2009...I won't be calling for any hangings. I'm also not entirely convinced that pulling the thin veil of faux justice over what was done this morning is helping our cause any...personally, I think it would have been just as good let him die on the battlefield a casualty of war. I think that history will judge harshly, not the death of the dictator, but the political theater we wrapped it in.

    The good news is, I'm fairly certain the Union will survive. We survived one actual civil war...and the losers in that one hated the President enough to assassinate him. America is remarkably resilient...this too shall pass.

    (Sorry, I couldn't avoid putting my own two cents in while I was answering your question. Now I don't have to sprinkle little bits of my rant across all the Iraq threads today. Thanks.)

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    Simple. People have incredibly short memories. Welcome to the playstation generation. I'm not even referring to 9-11, which everyone seems to have forgotten. I'm going back a whopping 16 years to the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. We didn't finish the job with Hussein then for political reasons, but his actions during the time after we put the cease-fire in effect were justifcation enough to come back and finish the job. Everyone wants to say Bush fought an illegal war, but the fact is, the country in question broke the peace agreement we had in place and we had every right to resume our march on Baghdad when they failed to comply with rules like inspections and access. Or maybe now the new argument is that we shouldn't have defended Kuwait in 1990 either?

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    A common thing that is said against anti-Bush people is that they are by logic therefore pro-Saddam. This is of course nonsense.

    Far from "feeling sorry" for Saddam, what these people are saying is that it is wrong to deliberately kill anyone in any circumstances. When they suggest that Bush be hung, they are merely offering a hypothesis based on the same logic by which Saddam is hung. IE they are playing devils advocate, not necessarily making a serious suggestion.

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    Well, about 20 years ago, we threw out the "absolute" replaced it with "relative" hope that's the cor. sp. it means take your pick. Does not matter in the least. This is what we end up with.

    Almost no one knows where they really stand on any thing, because each situation must be analyzed by itself. yish

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    I agree with you...Bush had nothing to do with Saddam being hanged and all these people are a bunch of idiots. Saddam was convicted, tried, and hung by his own people and Bush had nothing to do with that. Saddam got what he deserved...look at all the innocent people that were killed during his regime.

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    These same imbeciles admire the ACLU, and all intelligent people know what type of organization that is.

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    I agree, we should all have the same view as the Bush Administration and support them whatever they do. Screw what the people of the country think. We do what is in our leaders interests remember?

    Its just like that game "following the leader".

    Hey, Join In.

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    Free speech, and some people have various opinions on an issue.

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    i hear ya!! its upsetting to know our fellow americans are turning on their own leadership, maybe its not the best but you should still be in support of it

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