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Are there only small, finite number of personalities around the world?

I have so far closely worked with around 200 persons. But most of them were similar in personality--their working style, their thinking, their likes and dislikes, their responses to certain situations, and sometimes even their looks. So I could roughly categorize them in 25 different personalities.

Has it happened to you that you get to know a person 'A' and it gives you a deja vu-like feeling: don't I know another person exactly like this?

So, is it possible that there is only certain small number of different personalities, instead of each individual having his/her own, unique personality?

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    We are all born with a different dna, so this phenomena is socially created. Individuals are great at adapting to their surroundings, thus to a degree molding their personalities into the 25 types you come up with. Interesting research project though. I'd like to know what your 25 types are and which can be attributed to nature versus nuture. Philosophically some believe we have a front stage personality (the 25 types) and a backstage personality where our individuality resides unrestricted. Others see reality as constructed through everyday life, thus allowing our daily life to become a part of or our entire personality.

    Most people do share common traits that might fit your typology, but how much do you know about their other life, which makes them unique, such as likes to drink coffee with cream and sugar every morning while clipping toenails. Is there room is your theory for that. I'm actually asking more questions than answering, but this idea intrigues me.

    As for deja vu, that is usually your brain searching for commonality unless you both experience spontaneous deja vu. That would definitely throw a new angle to your question.

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    There are 16 different proven personality types. But, within this, there are many different ways to make it your own.

    Personality types is like a language that we speak.

    (16 different languages) But, the way the sentences are composed, within that given language, is up to you.

    ( In America, we speak English ( Person A) But, do you notice the difference in language between someone from the "south", or the way a person from the "east-coast" says the word lobster.) Same words with different accents.

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    If one lives in a box per say...yes, I guess one could be poisoned by this theory.

    No, wisdom and history tells us it's not possible to wrap up a human beings actions in one neat little package that is dictated by wishful thinking. People can tell lie to therapists, child pros, etc. just as well as they can choose to be dishonest to others. I think absolute truth is relevant and if honesty is not present or statements go unquestioned it would be considered deliberately causing trouble.

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