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What can I do about my mother?

I am taking my daughter on vacation next month. We are spending a week in New York, and a week in Florida where we will be going to Walt Disney World. My daughter is 13 years old, and she wants her grandmother (my mom) to go with us. I would love for my mom to go and enjoy the trip with us, but she can't walk to far without her scooter. Is there anything that we can do, esspecially at Walt Disney World; I really would love to take her with us.

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    Yes, WDW most certainly is wheelchair accessible throughout the parks and shopping areas. If you don't feel like bringing hers in due to the hassle, you could always rent a wheelchair for $10 or an ECV (Electric Convenience Vehicle) (similar to a scooter) for $35, they may seem a bit pricey but you will get a refund back in the shape of Disney Dollars. Also if you rent one from one park and go to another later on in the day you don't need to rent again just show your receipt. They also have multiple day renting for a little bit more, but cheaper at the end.

    All shows and parades and a few rides even have disabled parking for you mother to enjoy and not worry about the hassle of getting in and out. But beware that the same rules apply for those that are disabled as those of everyone else, don't wait until the last minute to enter that show thinking that you'll have it considering your situation, because you won't, she may have her designated spot but you probably won't be able to be next to her like you would have been if you entered sooner. For instance at Fantasmic in MGM Studios they open 2hrs prior to show start and fill up quickly, once they reach standing room they start to backfill in the disabled seating just leaving the spots for the chairs open and maybe the accompanying seats right next to them. Also all the lines queues have been designed wide enough to fit through with a wheelchair so you don't get VIP access to the rides.

    Since you are going next month you shouldn't have too much of a problem with any of this considering it will be slower. Hope I was able to help you out a little though and that you enjoy your trip!

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    In addition to the other advice given, think about going to Downtown Disney in the evening. There are restaurants shops and shows you can go to that both your daughter and mom would enjoy. Its still entertaining but its a little more laidback then being in the themepark all day. No lines, heat, or crowds to deal with. Enjoy your trip!

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    We're bringing my elderly mom to Cancun on USAir and have been told that they will make provisions for the scooter. Disney World does rent Scooters though if you're not wanting to bother with the airport hassels. My father inlaw rented one the last time we went.

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    Hi Kimberley

    I have a Mum like this too. I'm UK.....but I'm sure there are places where you are going that you phone ahead and make sure of disabled facilities. They probably have wheelchairs....or you could hire a folding one you could take with you? I know scooters are a bit difficult to transport.....maybe you could hire one of those on site too? I would have thought Disney had made provisions like this.

    I thnk it's great you want to include your Mum.

    Have a good time and Happy New Year.

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    As mentioned either take it with you or rent one. I know all the amusement parks have them in florida, but you may consider what you'll be doing aside from these parks. Airports will get you through the doors with assistance ... just call. My brother is in a wheel chair (fully disabled) and we had no problem with the airport at all. It's a memory you'll never forget, and your daughter will treasure for a lifetime. I have a 4 generation photo and believe me it touches my heart every time I look at it ... take her grandma along and treasure every moment. I don't know what you'll be doing in NY, but even if grandma is included in half the trip it would be well worth the time and effort. Love to all

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    yes, bring her scooter or rent one from a company in orlando. my mil needs a scooter at disneyworld. its easier to rent one from an outside company-they will deliver it to your hotel and pick it up there. the problem with renting scooters in the parks is its a first come first served basis, and sometimes they run out (this happened to us), so now we rent through a company in orlando-you can just google scooter rental orlando. there are lots of things your mother can enjoy in the parks-some rides, all the shows and parades and fireworks. good luck

  • they have scooters there and she will be able to share the experience with you. Take her and call a head to make those arrangement , been there myself and have seen people in wheelchairs and scooters to enjoy the parl. Enjoy''''''''

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    With all the federal regulations for disabled people, you probably can take the scooter with you.

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    take the scooter with you or "rent" one once you get to you destination.


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