Were did the bass go?

I have been fishing the lake for 10 years. I have done very well. tell this year. Last spring I fish 4 times and did not get one bass! Did not see one bass. Talk to some other fishermen and thay told that thay have not had a bite. What is going on. Hope you can tell me Or do I need to go to other lakes I did grate at Silverwood at about the same time

Thank you

Russ from Running Springs

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    That's why it's called fishing, not catching. So, how bad do you want to hit me now, since we've all heard that. As to your question, who knows where the bass have gone. Did you catch any other fish at the lake? It's always possible that the lake experienced a horrible spawning period, or the water could have possibly been contaminated. I'm not familiar with your lake, so I can't really say.

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    Impossible to say......... could be anything including

    - Outbreak of fish disease wiping out population

    - illegal stocking of a superior predator

    - illegal stocking of fish, leading to an outbreak of disease

    - water contamination

    - Population wiped out by over-fishing, if most the local anglers kill and take home for the table, rather than catch & release.

    - illegal poaching / drag netting, potentially by illegal immigrants (got a problem with that over here in England, not that the government will do jacksh*t about it)

    - Fish spooked by changeable weather conditions

    - There was an abundance of natural food available for the fish, and everyone was using the wrong bait (e.g. corn / lures / powerbait, etc when the fish were more interested in bugs & worms).

    - Everyone was using the "chuck it and chance it" approach, rather than thinking things through, looking for structure, etc....... or everyone was using the same old techniques they've used for years, and the fish there were used to it and / or changed their habits, so the old way don't work like it did.

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    Their has been some VHS disease in different area's it may have hit your lake, they claim that with in a year or two you can't catch a single fish, hope that's not the case. In ny on the finger lakes we were having a simular problem and found out later that they had major fish kills. and We caught bass in a lake that is connected through a cannal system. I would check with your local fish and game department. good luck

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    Not sure where running springs is at but it is probably the time of year. I live in southwest Michigan and have been kayak fishing for bluegill and all I can catch is bass. Good Luck

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    russ... the summer before last I had almost the same issue here in CT. No fish in spots I knew held them in the past. I changed up my offerings as much as I could and nothing worked. That summer was pretty hot here and as it turns out there was an algea bloom in that lake that got thicker with deeper water. I tried using noisy swimmer and that worked a little. maybe you could try some baits or lures you wouldnt normally fish for bass.

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    Look at the weather, and water temp.

    If it was hot on your 4 days, they would run deep to keep cool. But not just deep, but deep with structure.

    Also think about how many boats on the water and fishing pressure.

    Source(s): i own a small tackleshop in Maine and http://www.fly-fishing-flies.com/ and spend more time on the water than is healthy
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    try a varitey of baits and lures, sooner or later you'll catch one.

    if not, contact your local DNR, they should come and net the fishes to see what fish are there left and test the water.

    hope this help

  • did you catch a lot of pike ??...sometimes pike wipe out the bass populations...this has happened to me a few times..

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