what program lets me manage my ipod but it also lets me pull music off the ipod and put it on the computer.?

not itunes but some kind of other ipod managing program

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  • 1 decade ago
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    igadget allows for you to take music of your ipod.


  • gerda
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    4 years ago

    no might desire to acquire ANY software FOR THIS activity =D this does not artwork for iTouches or iPhones on account that they take place as cameras Open up My laptop click on procedures > Folder recommendations click View >> information and Folders >> Hidden information and Folders click coach Hidden information, Folders, and Drives click ok as quickly as you have achieved those steps you will discover the hidden folders on your ipod. once you click into the folders the information could have extraordinary names to them (ignore approximately them, basically how they're formatted on the ipod). replica each and every of the information interior the hidden folders to a sparkling empty folder. Open iTunes click record >> upload Folder to Library elect the recent folder with all copied songs from iPod click ok Your songs will now be transfered on your iTunes library and the formatting ought to all be the comparable (play counts, music time edits, and so on. will by no potential be transferred however)

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