What jobs can I get if I'm an Information Technology graduate?

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    I got a programming job right out of college with a bachelor's degree in liberal arts and an associate degree in data processing. Lots of firms like to hire college grads so they can train you the way they want you to do things, and so they can pay you a lot less money and benefits (vs an experienced IT employee).

    Depending on your interests, educational focus, and abilities, here's some of the areas you could get an IT job in:

    1.Database development and administration (Assistant)

    2. Digital media (Graphic designer or assistant)

    3. Enterprise systems analysis and integration (Operator)

    4. Network design and administration (Assistant)

    5. Programming and software engineering

    6. Technical support (Help Desk)

    7. Technical writing

    8. Web development and administration

    9. E-Business and E-Commerce

    Area of focus:

    One particular area gaining a lot of attention is health care information management. According to the U.S Department of Labor, the field of health care information management is expected to grow 28 percent by 2010. Clinics, hospitals, insurance companies, HMOs, health data organizations, government agencies, IT consulting firms and more are actively recruiting skilled professionals who have an understanding of both health care and information technology environments. Due to the great demand for these individuals, salaries in the health services industry are projected to increase more than 25 percent through 2010, compared with an average of 16 percent for all industries.

    Health care information management professionals have become critical due to their ability to assemble patient information and use software to record and analyze diagnoses. As a technician or specialist, you are able to gain great entry-level exposure to the systems and software used in the health care environment. An entry-level position in this field may involve database management, using specialized software to record and analyze data, storage, retrieval, coding, statistics and securing the confidentiality of patient records. This knowledge will be a huge advantage in getting the higher-level IT jobs in the health care field.

    Here's a good article about how to find an entry level job, right out of college:


    Here's a web site listing the top web sites college students use to search for entry level jobs:


    Good luck!

    Source(s): Been an IT programmer, trainer, teacher, and now an online administrator at a college
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  • 1 decade ago

    You can apply as a call center agent with an outsourcing company

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