are ultrasonic rodent repellers safe to use when you have pet reptiles?

I have a pet leopard gecko and a russian tortoise who are lovely but i have house rats which are evil, i am an animal lover who does not want to kill anything but do not want to traumatise my reptiles if they would be sensitive to the frequencies. please help me.

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    1 decade ago
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    hi there

    i have one in my house it seems that it keeps the rodents away from the area i have the repeller but it doesn't effect the reptiles i have 9 beardies 3 snakes 2 monitors lizards3 hermits 2 turtle i could go on... but anyways it also doesn't seen to effect my daughter rat and 3 gp's but then again i have mine up stairs and her rodents are down 2 levels in the basement

    only problem with these things is that u need to find a plug that isn't block with furniture and u need one for every room i found if u want it to work..... i found that live traps and sticky traps work better but i still can't keep up with the mice population and iv'e even put down rodent poison they ate it all the little suckers are still alive ...good luck and happy new

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    4 years ago

    i'm no longer fullyyt specific of the respond, yet #a million, i'd examine the container (it particularly is going to offer you the dos and don'ts of the product, and there would additionally be a telephone quantity to call), #2 i do no longer think of it might harm your reptiles if it replaced into made tremendously for rodents (2 various issues fullyyt). stable success, and want i helped a sprint.

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    It shouldn't effect them but i would not try it..

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