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There is a pigeon hanging around in my garden?

and it is white with lots of feathers with feathered feet. It doesn't look like your average pigeon and doesn't seem scared, he gets really close. Are there normal pigeons that look like this or does he belong to someone?

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    This sounds like a domestic pigeon. There are many different types. Can you see any metal or plastic bands on the legs? Like a bracelet? If so, you can look up the number and find out who the breeder was.

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    It sounds like a performing pigeon, like a roller or tumbler, which often have feathered feet. Or it could be some variety of show pigeon, that has escaped from its home. The fact that it seems friendly and unfrightened almost guarantees that it is a lost pigeon that once belonged to someone. Unless you put an ad in the paper or list the birds with your local humane society, it is unlikely that you will be able to find its owner. You could catch the bird and report its band number to the National Pigeon Association, however, they may not be able to find the owner, either. Moved away, etc. Good luck!

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    This is likely a domestic pigeon, someone's pet.

    Even if you cannot catch him, there are ways to reach its owner. Some papers run "Found Pet" ads free. List your siting on www.birdhotline.com and Yahoo! group 911parrotalert, which even though it is for parrots, will list any found or lost birds and its moderator really strives to find owners.

    Another thing you could try is catching the bird and keeping him for a pet. Some bird-specialty shops, hardware stores selling birds and rabbits and even pet rescues have cages they can lend, large wire cages with a big opening. Putting in a dish of seed and bread on a day you are home, at a time before the pigeon visits, might tempt him to go in.

    Pigeons and doves make affectionate pets.

    Source(s): Later. Read an article about someone releasing birds in honor of her dead children. Doves and pigeons selected for this "honor" are tame, usually white birds and generally do not survive in the wild long, being used to depending on humans and being white, which stands out. Wondering if your visitor wasn't an escapee, but released, and wouldn't be claimed by anyone.
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    i think the pigeon belongs to someone...it will fly away in somedays..may b its taking rest at your place..

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    I would say that you catch him and bring him the the local humane society, in case he does belong to someone.

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    it could be a homing pigeon that has lost it's home

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    he probably is resting they do this for a day or two if they get blown off course,he would belong to someone

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